Honey, my boundary’s sprung a leak!

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Easy Legal Steps Bestselling Book

I don’t know about you, but to many people, boundaries feel harsh.

They can feel unkind. They can feel cold, corporate, rigid, and uncomfortable. They can represent so many qualities which you don’t want to have.

But not having boundaries can be even scarier.

For example, take my client Kate. She’s a relationship coach. Kate’s client kept missing calls on Tuesdays at Noon. Kate would send reminders but the client still missed sessions. Kate wondered why the client was AWOL and why this time leak was showing up for her.

Here’s a little secret…

When you don’t have clear boundaries, people tend to step on you.

Boundaries are critically important for having a successful business. A boundary is an edge. A limit. A border. A perimeter. A frame.

Boundaries are like guardrails.


Kate reached out to me because she felt helpless and didn’t know how to get her client to stop missing calls.

Since she didn’t use a written Client Agreement that spelled out her expectations about missed calls, the client had no guardrails. The client was all over the road.

Jokingly, I told Kate, “Honey, your boundary’s sprung a leak!”

When you don’t have guardrails, clients can swerve out of the lane. It’s your job to create the guardrails that tell them how to stay in the lane.

Immediately, Kate started using a Client Agreement. It included a section on “Missed Calls”. And wouldn’t you know it, Kate noticed that her client treated her respectfully and didn’t miss calls anymore.

Crazy, right?

It actually makes perfect sense.

When Kate created clear boundaries in her Client Agreement, she felt her own energy shift to a position of strength and power – and her client sensed it too.

By using a written Client Agreement, Kate got clear about what she wouldn’t tolerate, and she communicated it with ease. Kate plugged her time leak and strengthened her energetic boundaries around time and money. She had strong legal language which created a better client relationship and her client got better results.

Who would have guessed a written Client Agreement could shift the entire relationship for the better?

Kate never would have guessed. But she quickly saw the truth for herself.

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Here’s to creating guardrails for your clients – and plugging your boundary leaks!
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