Is your head in the sand
while your buns are exposed?

If the “legal stuff” has felt scary or you haven’t felt “ready” yet… deep down, part of you knows that being exposed is holding you back. You want to play big with your name up in lights, but instead you’re tiptoeing around and covering up the vulnerable parts of yourself.

I can assure you, when you take legal steps, you feel safe
and secure…so you can truly shine.

You empower yourself when you put legal protections in place.

  • You know you are backed, so you feel brave to step up.
  • You feel confident and secure to share your deepest work.
  • You show who you really are.
  • You bare your heart and soul to the world.
  • You don’t play it safe anymore, because you know you are safe.
  • You step forward… so you can go all in.
When you get legally covered… you can go bare nowTM
Which is why I created…
A self-paced course for coaches and entrepreneurs to get legally covered so you can go bare nowTM!

By the end of this course, you’ll feel
empowered & safe…

  • Grounded and secure with a strong legal base
  • Free and clear to share it all
  • Confident your policies are in writing to have your back
  • Happy your contracts are simple (so your clients won’t run for the hills!)
  • Professional and credible so you’ll be taken seriously
  • Proud to become a “real business” owner
  • Relieved and at ease so you can create whatever you want

“I needed to treat this business no different than a million dollar business. I feel solid about every single legal policy that we’ve created and I love that Lisa understands online businesses.”

KENDRICK SHOPE, Sales Expert + Speaker and Founder of Sales School

“I understand the value of having your legal ducks in a row. Not having mine done was constantly nagging at me. Now that I have everything in place, I feel relieved, confident and able to focus on other areas in my business. The go bareTM course is very thorough and easy to understand. The set up of the document with the audio guides gave me a complete legal document in about an hour. What’s not to love?”

GINA GOMEZ, Business Coach and Creator of Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™

“Lisa totally delivered with the go bareTM course. Before getting legally covered, I had some issues with some competitors stealing my work from my website and I felt I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I felt exposed and violated. Not anymore! Lisa helped cover me in so many ways that I know when I put my quality work out there, I am protected! I feel more confident in and around my business. I can’t say enough about how great the go bareTM course was, how available Lisa was to answer questions, and how she actually made learning about the legal system fun! Don’t hesitate to legally cover yourself!”

LORI BREIER STRONG, Certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultant and Founder of Strong Little Sleepers

And you’ll have 8 legal documents that are ready to use!

In this course, you’ll receive 8 DIY documents that you’ll customize with me virtually by your side:

1. Website Disclaimer

to let others know what you do and they won’t come after you.

2. Client Agreement

to enroll your next 1-on-1 client and know you’ll get paid.

3. Sole Proprietor Biz Registration + Taxes Checklist

to set things up “right”.

4. Website Terms + Conditions

to protect your website content and deter sneaky copycats!

5. Privacy Policy

to keep personal info from clients confidential and safe.

6. Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products

to put your sales terms in writing and protect your content.

7. LLC + S-Corp Checklist

to learn how to keep your assets secure.

8. Trademark Self-Assessment

to know when to trademark your tagline or logo.

“My business grew so fast online that I was presented with a whole new set of legal concerns. I highly recommend that you use Lisa for any of your legal needs. I think she is wonderful.”

CATHY SYKORA, Founder of The Health Coach Group

“I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for Lisa and the go bareTM course. Lisa provides legal clarity, safety and protection in a way that feels manageable. I did not feel protected prior to taking this course. I am now able to share my own gifts and services with the world in a safe way and I have crossed a giant worry off my list. The go bareTM course was well worth the money! Lisa is a unique blend of legal love that is refreshing and needed in this world.”

LAURA MADRIGANO, Spiritual, Life, Business and SVT Coach

“Never could I possibly imagine there was any one person who could have such a divine combination of whip-smart common sense, uncanny intuition, nuanced coaching prowess, and a sharp legal sense. WOW! Lisa covered all of the bases in ways I couldn’t have thought of. I’m so glad I hired a professional instead of doing this myself. Thank you, Lisa! You are an Earth Angel.”

KARI SAMUELS, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

I’m Lisa Fraley, Attorney & Legal Coach® and creator of go bare nowTM.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not your typical attorney.

I’ve been described as trailblazer, visionary, and alchemist — full of Legal LoveTM.

I’ve been a lawyer for 20 years, once specializing in Health Care and Bioethics in a large corporate firm.

I’m also a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Life Coach through Coach U.

I have helped hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers get legally enlightened (and exhale with relief!), because I don’t have a cold corporate approach, lack of experience, or harsh cover-your-ass attitude.

Aside from making the process easy, affordable and fun, I bring a softer side to the law without negativity or fear tactics.

I’m a true Gemini — part “Mama Lion” and part “Loving Coach”.

That’s why I call myself a Legal Coach® and a Holistic Lawyer®.

My approach to the law is unique, that’s for sure.

I’m a Lawyer — and a Coach — so you get the best of both worlds.

You receive strong legal protection — with lots of Legal LoveTM to remove the fears and worries that using “legal stuff” can bring.

The law protects you in practical ways — and energetically too.

As you get professional and cover your tail, you also strengthen your boundaries and up your vibe to easily attract what you want.

Each legal step aligns with a chakra.

Each document directly aligns with a chakra, to give you support from your base to your crown. (Not exactly what you’d expect from a lawyer, right?)

“I followed my intuition and reached out to Lisa and it was the best thing I could’ve done for my business. I can’t even tell you how much freedom I feel having after getting my Terms of Use on my site. Lisa is a legal angel!”

LINDSAY MARINO, Psychic Medium, Radio Host and Creator of ‘Unlock Your Intuition’

“Lisa is what every female entrepreneur has been looking for to feel legally secure and high vibe in your business. I spoke with 3 attorneys before Lisa and left every conversation feeling confused, anxious and unsure of what my next legal steps were. Now I know what to do to have all of my legal “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed – PLUS I love her energy!”

MELISSA PHARR, Edgy + Sexy + Soulful Wealth Creation Coach

“I took the go bareTM course to fill in the gaps in my own legal protection and gain a better understanding as a coach for other entrepreneurs. I love Lisa’s ability to map the legal steps to our chakras which impacts how we feel about sharing our talents with others through our work. She rocks at translating legalese into something that’s easy to understand. It feels that I’m now ordering a custom-tailored outfit for my business rather than a patchwork one. I can highly recommend Lisa to any entrepreneur who wants to feel really good about growing their business and becoming more visible in a powerful way!”

ALICIA ISAACS HOWES, Founder of Your Soul Story and international Soul Connection Expert

This legal course
for entrepreneurs includes:

  • 7 Modules with DIY documents, audio guides + video tips
    • Seven modules of rich content that will allow you to be fully confident in your business
    • Access to all documents 24/7 whenever you need them
  • 8 DIY legal documents to download and save — you just listen to the audio guide and fill in the blanks…and *poof!* like magic, they’re ready to use! ($12,000 value)
    • Website Disclaimer
    • Client Agreement
    • Sole Proprietor Biz Registration + Taxes Checklist
    • Website Terms + Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products
    • LLC + S-Corp Checklist
    • Trademark Self-Assessment
    • Thorough but simple and easy to understand.
    • All in plain English — with deep care and Legal LoveTM
  • Audio Guides to help you follow along and to teach you:
    • What each document is
    • Why you need it
    • How it protects you
    • When to use it
    • Where to fill in the details to tailor it for you ($2800 value)
  • 1 Legal Power Hour with Lisa – private access to Lisa in one 60-minute phone call to ask any legal question you want ($400 value)
  • Video Clips of Legal Tips – fun little clips of key legal tips ($500 value)
  • Facebook group for you to PLAY BIG and go bare™ (LOL – I couldn’t resist!) ($3500 value)
  • Tech help – I’ve partnered up with Terra Milo, Technology Teacher and Marketing Strategist, who offers tutorial videos or 1-on-1 services to support you in getting your legal templates in place (exclusively for my clients!).
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the modules, documents, call recordings and more! (Priceless)


BONUS GIFTS to Give Extra Support to Your Chakras:

  • DIY Mini-Disclaimer – a short disclaimer to protect your PDFs and social media pages.
  • “Protecting Your Energy” Video Series with Alexis Saloutos, founder of ChakredyTM, a vibrational remedy line that supports the chakras and organ energies.
  • “Chakra Activation and Alignment Meditation” with Keri Nola, licensed psychotherapist and heart-centered business coach, to help you awaken, activate and align your chakras.
  • “Call in What You Truly Seek” Manifestation Bundle from Lindsay Pera, founder of the Mystic Society, with a guided meditation, videos and comprehensive primer on the power and method of manifesting.
  • “Creating Sacred Space” Video with Allison Carr, priestess, acupuncturist, and business mentor, to learn about the magic of space clearing and protecting your home and work space energetically.
  • “8 Essential Manifesting Tips” from Rachel Boucher, Life Coach for your Soul, shared through 8 Law of Attraction e-mails to raise your vibration higher and increase your conjuring skills.
  • “Angel Messages of Love” Mini E-mail Reading with Marie Ohnstad, Vision Stylist, to receive loving and compassionate messages from the angels to heal and guide you along your life’s path.
  • How to Download Messages from the Human Emotional System” Quick Guide from Adrian Hall, LMFT and Registered Art Therapist, to help you understand the powerful messages expressed through 5 basic emotions that support your spiritual awakening.

And, let me tell you, my friend…
this course is a STEAL!

The total value of this course is $22,000 –
so you are not spending a fortune!

You receive 8 legal documents (yes 8!)
for the cost of working privately on just 1 or 2.

This course gives you EXACTLY what you need
to save you time, money and headaches!

Do you want to get legally covered so you can go bare nowTM?

Yes, count me in! I want to go bare nowTM!

pay in full $1997

10 monthly payments of $199.70

While it may not feel super-sexy to get your legal ducks in a row,
this is the BEST investment you will ever make in your business.

You can stand with confidence and be vulnerable
because underneath you is a super-strong legal foundation.

“Lisa has been with me since the founding of my US business. It feels really great to have a lawyer who “gets” me and who totally respects my less-than-common belief system. Most lawyers would probably roll their eyes. But not Lisa. She just gets right on it and finds a way to make it happen.”

CALVIN CORRELI, CEO and Creator of Simplero,

“I was tempted to go with the free legal information available online, but I am SO glad I didn’t! Working with Lisa was 100% worth the investment. You’ll get peace of mind, utmost professionalism and stellar legal expertise – with coaching love thrown in!”

ROBIN ARUTT, M.Ed., HC, CH, Founder, Full Potential Living, Health Coach, Thyroid & Adrenal Expert,

Want to know more?

Here’s What You Receive in the Modules:

Module 1 – Website Disclaimer
Build Your Base Foundation on Solid Ground

  • DIY Website Disclaimer + Audio Guide – build a strong base layer foundation
    to ground your business (root chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How A Website Disclaimer Covers Your Buns”

Module 2 – Client Agreement
Put it ALL in Writing to Secure Your Income

  • DIY Client Agreement + Audio Guide– get your 1:1 program in writing to plug
    money leaks (sacral chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How Your Client Agreement Helps You Never Chase Down a Dime”

Module 3 – Sole Proprietor Biz Registration + Taxes
Empower Yourself to Know What to Do

  • Sole Proprietor Biz Registration + Taxes Checklist + Audio Guide –set up your business with confidence + know what to ask your accountant (solar plexus chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How to Set Yourself Up Correctly Right from the Start”

Module 4 – Terms + Conditions and Privacy Policy
Protect the Heart of Your Website + Keep Your Copy Safe

  • DIY Website Terms + Conditions + Audio Guide – protect your valuable website copy from sneaky copycats (heart chakra)
  • DIY Privacy Policy + Audio Guide – to keep private info from clients safe and confidential
  • Video Tips – “How to Keep Wanna-Be Copycats from Swiping your Copy” and “How to Keep Your Clients’ Deets Off the Streets”

Module 5 – Terms of Use for Programs + Products
Practically “Refund-Proof” What You Sell Online

  • DIY Terms of Use for Programs + Products + Audio Guide – get buyers to “check the box” and agree to your terms of purchase before they hit “buy now” (throat chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How to Practically Refund-Proof What You Sell Online”

Module 6 – LLCs + S-Corps
Go Pro with a Corporate Entity to Protect Your Loot

  • LLC v. S-Corp Checklist + Audio Guide – learn when it’s time to protect your assets and “go pro” with a corporate entity (third eye chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How LLCs and S-Corps Protect Your Loot”

Module 7 – Trademarks
Claim Your Biz, Brand + Tagline So You Don’t Lose Out

  • Trademark Self-Assessment + Audio Guide – find out if you have something to trademark and whether it’s time to trademark now (crown chakra)
  • Video Tip – “How Do You Know What’s Trademark-Worthy”

Yes, count me in! I want to go bare nowTM!

pay in full $1997

10 monthly payments of $199.70

“It was scary to think of going through the process to incorporate my jewelry business alone, but having someone I trust make sure my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed helps so much. I’m so grateful for both your legal and spiritual guidance, Lisa. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

MELISSA CAMILLERI, Owner +Creative Director of Compliment and Creator of The 21 Day Instacourse

“I had started to approach a traditional lawyer, but that lawyer didn’t really understand the nature of my business. I knew Lisa would understand my virtual business model because she’s a Health Coach too.”

LARA ADLER, Environmental Toxins Expert + Certified Health Coach

“Before I participated in the go bareTM course, I knew I should have already had client contracts, terms and conditions, and other legal documents in place when I started my business a many years ago, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Energetically, I felt very ungrounded in my because I had no systems or business container in place–until now. Because of Lisa’s expert advice and her phenomenal program,go bareTM, I now have EVERYTHING I need to feel secure, empowered, and legally covered in my business. I HIGHLY recommend the go bareTM course and Lisa Fraley! This will be your best business investment to date.”

ROBIN ARUTT, M.Ed., HC, CH, Founder, Full Potential Living, Health Coach, Thyroid & Adrenal Expert,

Still have some questions? These FAQs may help…

If I’m just starting out, do I REALLY need all of this now?

Just starting out is the BEST time to do all of this so you protect yourself from the outset and set yourself up properly from the start. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until you get into a legal pickle and then need help!

Do I need this course if I already have a few of these steps?

Absolutely! If you already have few legal steps in place – kudos to you! This is the best way to get ALL of the other steps you need for your biz in a way that can work with your budget (not against it!).

Why shouldn’t I just go to my family’s lawyer down the street?

Most lawyers (not me!) will bill by the hour, so your bill for this course could easily be $15,000-20,000. Not only that, but I would be totally shocked if they gave you really long payment plans like you get with this course.

Are these the same documents that I got when I work privately with you?

These DIY documents are thorough and substantive, but they are designed for everyone to use. If we work together privately, yours are based on your specific business needs.

Should I take this course if I sell products (not services)?

Yes, if you sell digital products, physical products, or have an actual store, you may not need the Client Agreement, but everything else in the course pertains to you and helps you get legally covered.

Does this course include any private one-on-one time?

You betcha, it does! You will receive access to me in one 60-minute Legal Power Hour phone call to ask Lisa any legal question that you want. Prior go bareTM graduates LOVED being able to connect as part of the course – and I loved it to!

How often will you be interacting in the Facebook group?

I will hop in and out of the group almost everyday, but your question may not get an immediate answer.

If I take this course, does it mean you are my lawyer?

Nope, not at all. This course is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. It’s a group course with DIY documents that you work on during the course.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Because all of the content is downloadable and available to you 24/7 once you access it, I apologize that there are no refunds available for this course.

Does this course apply to me if I am located outside the US?

These legal documents are written with US-based businesses in mind. Much of the info could still apply if you are outside the US, but you will want to have it reviewed/revised by a local attorney to make sure it complies with your country, state/province, and local laws. If you are internationally based, contact Lisa at to find out how to enroll in the course.

“I had been putting off the legal side things since I first started my business. As a creative entrepreneur, my work feels like my baby, and because of Lisa’s approach and skills I now feel fully protected and secure about sharing my work with the world.”

SUSAN FERRARO, Mindset Coach + Creator of EASY PEASY LOA

“Before the go bare™ course, I had gone to other attorneys and they literally knew NOTHING about what a health coach was or what documents we must have in place to be legally covered. All they told me to do was an LLC. The go bare™ course goes in-depth about all the little intricacies of the online and in-person health coaching world. I am so lucky I found her!!”


“ Before I enrolled in the go bareTM course, I was using coaching contracts handed down to me from previous coaches with whom I had worked and I energetically felt only semi-supported. Immediately upon starting the go bareTM course, I began to feel legally AND energetically supported. That alone gave me a renewed sense of confidence and elevated my sense of being in business.”

FRANCOISE EVERETT, Founder of Elegance, Business and Lifestyle

Yes, count me in! I want to go bare nowTM!

pay in full $1997

10 monthly payments of $199.70

I’d love for you to join me

for this amazing legal course!
Feel free to reach out to me at
and I’ll help figure out if this course is right for you.

I CAN’T WAIT for you to join me to get legally covered…
so you can go bare nowTM!

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