If you have an online business, you’re going to have a website, even if it’s basic or just a landing page.


You want your policies in writing so your website visitors learn who you are and what you do –
and what you DON’T do.


This is your base layer of legal protection for your website to help you feel safe and secure
as you launch your site to the world.

Choose the situation below that most applies to you.

If the answer to the question is “YES”,
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Is your website legally naked and you need a website disclaimer, terms & conditions, privacy policy and testimonial release (and you want to save money?)

Do you want website visitors to understand what you do – and don’t do in your website disclaimer (so they don’t get confused and come after you)?

Do you want to protect your website CONTENT (the text and images on your site) with clear written policies that you can fall back on if someone swipes your stuff?

Do you need a privacy policy to let people know you won’t spam them and you’ll keep their personal info from website visitors safe & confidential?*

* (This document is REQUIRED to do some paid social media ads and also by some state laws if you have an opt-in gift or e-newsletter list. Everyone should have this policy to be safe!)