Ready to “go pro” and form your LLC?

Limit your liability and protect your assets

with the simple business structure of an LLC.

what is it?

An LLC is a legal business entity that limits your liability by keeping your personal and business finances separate.

This is important because if you’re sued for business reasons, no one can come after your personal assets (like your house, checking account, and investments) – and if someone comes after you in your personal life, they can’t access your business assets (like your business bank accounts). Having an LLC is one of the best ways to protect your loot.

An LLC may be right for you if…

Heart BulletYou don’t have a ton of assets just yet.

Heart BulletYou’re a new business owner.

Heart BulletYou want a simple structure that doesn’t require much work.

An LLC can cover your buns in practical ways, and when you honor the inner spiritual wisdom and insight of your third eye chakra, you always know when it’s time to “go pro”.

why do you need it?

An LLC is the simplest form of corporate structure to set up, and it can give you mega-protection. You’ll want to form an LLC:

Heart BulletIf you have personal or business assets to protect right now.

Heart BulletIf you want to limit your liability and exposure.

Heart BulletIf you want to make your business “official” and raise your credibility by having a corporate entity.

Every day that you DON’T have an LLC in place, you’re exposing yourself to risk on a personal level. If you want an LLC and you’re ready to go, we can form it for you.

what’s included?

Ready to have us file your LLC documents for you?

Your LLC Formation + Filing Package includes:

  • LLC Formation + Filing – Compiling and filing of the paperwork needed to create your LLC in the state where your principal place of business is located.
  • LLC Formation Prep Sheet – to get you clear about your desired LLC name, gather information for the filing documents, identify your corporate policies, and more.
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa’s team to gather info about you and your business for the LLC filing.
  • 60-Minute Walk-Through Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to walk through your business entity formation, explain your corporate documents, answer your questions, and discuss your next steps.
  • LLC Articles of Organization – prepared and sent to you as an official record of your LLC formation.
  • LLC Operating Agreement – drafted for you as your LLC governing document (most attorneys charge separately for this document!)
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) – essential for opening your biz bank account, hiring employees, and for other business ventures.
  • DIY Legal Master Class: How To File Your BOI Report – a do-on-your-own-time class to guide you step-by-step through filing your own BOI Report after your LLC has been formed.

how long does it take?

Once your document has been filed, it can take 3 days to 3 weeks to complete the LLC formation. (It may be possible to pay additional filing fees for expedited services.) From start to finish, the process takes a few weeks, so it’s good to plan ahead.

the investment?

 one payment of $2597

six payments of $437

ten payments of $267

(LLC formation & filing fees are legitimate tax-deductible business expenses. State filing fees are included. However, LLCs formed in New York also have additional LLC publication fees charged separately. By purchasing this package, you agree that corporate entity filing service may be used to help form your LLC.)

This package does not include the completion of any federal, state or local business registration, tax forms, or other documents required following the initial filing documents to create the LLC.

My legal protections have enabled me to share my gifts from speaking stages to media interviews to luxury VIP days.”

Within a month of working with Lisa to officially form an LLC and get all of my legal protections in place, I felt the security, courage and expansiveness to marry the love of my life. My legal protections have enabled me to share my gifts from speaking stages to media interviews to luxury VIP days.

They’ve supported me to confidently work with some of the top thought leaders in my industry. They’ve enabled me to feel supported to build a business and life I never in a million years would have thought possible.

Mike Iamele

Author, Coach & Creator of Sacred Branding®

“It is a very empowering experience to work with Lisa, and I strongly recommend her.”

The law always intimidates me, and for the longest time I was dragging my feet because I did not know how to protect my license and work as a Success Coach online.

My first call with Lisa helped me to know that my fears were not unusual. She understood and articulated the passion she could hear in my voice more than I have ever heard anyone do before.

After my LLC was formed, she reviewed each LLC document with me and when the call was over she offered to stay on the phone until we completed the process.

Mary Nii Munteh, Psy.D.

Success Coach

I’m so grateful for both your legal and spiritual guidance, Lisa!”

It’s scary to think of going through the incorporation process alone, but having someone I trust to take make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed helps so much.

Melissa Camilleri Anicich

Co-Founder, Stand For the And Education Co.

“Lisa is intelligent, warm and she understands your needs as a coach.”

Lisa’s friendly yet professional style made me feel so supported! I could ask her anything, and she made sure I understood the incorporation process by presenting it in her uplifting and conversational way. She is intelligent, warm and she understands your needs as a coach. She is a ROCKSTAR in my book!

Heather Lienenbrugger

Creative Marketing Director & Business Coach

“Working with you has given me the courage to trust myself and move forward with my soul purpose.”

Amazing things are happening, and I must give credit to you for helping me with the legal end of it, and giving me the safety net that I needed to feel comfortable moving forward. Thank you so much! Keep shining!

Lou Ann Beecher

Serenity Guide, Medium & Reiki Master

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