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Now that I have worked with Lisa, everything in my business is easier and more clear. I feel solid about every single policy we’ve created and protected – and we’ve created a lot! I love that Lisa understands online businesses and what is needed to be successful and protect a high multi-6 figure business.

- Kendrick Shope

Authentic Selling® Sales Expert & Speaker

I gained so much clarity and confidence in the legal aspects of my business through Lisa’s legal course and our conversations. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and support. Her guidance and support are invaluable to me as I navigate forward in this health coaching world. She is simply remarkable and working with her keeps me on a clear path.

- Carla R. Hightower, M.D, M.B.A

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Working with Lisa was such a breath of fresh air! She made the process easy plus she’s fun to work with, efficient, and timely. It was a whole different legal experience than we’re used to and it was a true pleasure!

- Kate Northrup & Mike Watts

Best-selling Author & Founder of Origin®

Lisa helped me feel confident expanding my business and navigating an important opportunity. She was completely tuned in through the entire process, saved me thousands of dollars, understood my unique needs and helped me negotiate a beautiful deal. She is a rare and special combination of both experienced, savvy lawyer and brilliant coach.

- Rachel Madorsky, LCSW

Self Love Strategist & Executive Coach

I’d recommend Lisa to other physicians out there without any hesitation whatsoever! Lisa takes the time to step-by-step walk you through what the legal language actually means and the importance of it. She also makes herself very available to answering questions, which attests to the fact that she’s out to serve and serve well. Lisa goes above and beyond in delivering the services she provides.

- Dr. Rachna Patel

The Medical Marijuana Doctor

There are so many lawyers out in the world. But how many know the particular ins and outs and potential pitfalls of being an online entrepreneur? Only one who actually IS an online entrepreneur. Enter Lisa. She thinks of points that would never have occurred to me — including what I might be doing or selling in 5 years. In the best of all worlds, I’ll never know what kind of trouble and money Lisa has saved me. I’ll just know that I’m legally protected, and that frees me to do bolder, better work.

- Laura Belgray

Copywriting Expert & Owner of Talking Shrimp, Inc.

I knew early on that Lisa has such a unique combo as an Attorney and a Health Coach that would make her a BIG business owner – and now she’s completely unstoppable!

- Carey Peters

Co-Founder of The Health Coach Institute

I love working with Lisa because of her incredible outlook on integrating the law with the chakras and a cohesive, heart-centered business. She presents the softer side of protecting ourselves and what the profound benefits can be beyond the obvious. Lisa is an incredible light and gift, her experience and her dedication to serving are unparalleled.

- Amber Lilyestrom

Transformational Branding Strategist & Business Coach

Crystal healing, chakra balancing and positive psychology mindset are all in Lisa Fraley’s wheelhouse. It is a rare gift to know a lawyer who not only specializes in supporting online entrepreneurs but on initiating each day from a place of love. She’s bubbly and vibrant in a way that could easily mask her sharp-as-a-tack expertise and intelligence, yet passionate in a way that it’s clear about what lights this woman up.

Lisa wants you to have the systems, structures and agreements in place to make your business golden from the get-go. With everything from DIY templates to online courses to personalized services, this adventurous and grounded beauty has got you covered!

- Wendy Yalom

Personal Branding Photographer

Thank goodness I found Lisa. Not only did she understand my special needs, she also understands the health coaching business. I highly recommend that you use Lisa for any of your legal needs.

- Cathy Sykora

Founder of The Health Coach Group

I understand the value of not having your legal ducks in a row. Not having mine done was constantly nagging at me. Now that I have everything in place I feel relieved, confident and able to focus on other areas of my business.

- Gina Gomez

Business Strategist & Advisor

Lisa Fraley is AMAZING! Never could I possibly imagine there was any one person who could have such a divine combination of whip-smart common sense, uncanny intuition, nuanced coaching prowess, and a sharp legal sense. She lovingly and successfully guided me through the trademarking process. I am so glad I hired a professional instead of doing it myself. Thank you, Lisa! You are an earth angel!

- Kari Samuels

Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

Each new legal document that Lisa creates for our business gives us permission to elevate our soul mission to its next level. We had been playing it “small and safe” for fear of legal ramifications but now our work is expanding by leaps and bounds.

- Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett

Co-Founders of Go Deeper, Get Lighter LLC

As a spiritual entrepreneur and creator of the MMM EFT Tapping Certification Program working with Lisa has been THE reason I felt safe enough to share my work in the world. With her guidance and expertise I have been able to safely and securely scale my business with ease. I feel safe making more money and reaching more people. I recommend her to absolutely every student that comes into my world. Thank you, Lisa! I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

- Jackie McDonald

Creator and Teacher of the MMM EFT Tapping Method

I have to admit — before I met Lisa, legal stuff in general kind of scared me … but Lisa changed all that! She was thorough, warm and generous from start to finish. I’m now feeling confident, secure and ready to take my business to new heights.

- Beth Grant

Writer, Thought Leader & Marketing Strategist

Within a month of working with Lisa to officially form an LLC and get all of my legal protections in place, I felt the security, courage and expansiveness to marry the love of my life. My legal protections have enabled me to share my gifts from speaking stages to media interviews to luxury VIP days. They’ve supported me to confidently work with some of the top thought leaders in my industry. They’ve enabled me to feel supported to build a business and life I never in a million years would have thought possible.

- Mike Iamele

Author, Coach & Creator of Sacred Branding®

Lisa’s friendly yet professional style made me feel so supported! I could ask her anything, and she made sure I understood the incorporation process by presenting it in her uplifting and conversational way. She is intelligent, warm and she understands your needs as a coach. She is a ROCKSTAR in my book!

- Heather Lienenbrugger

Creative Marketing Director & Business Coach

It’s scary to think of going through the incorporation process alone, but having someone I trust to take make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed helps so much. I’m so grateful for both your legal and spiritual guidance, Lisa!

- Melissa Camilleri Anicich

Founder & Creative Director, Compliment

I am forever grateful for the wonderful guidance of Lisa. As I shifted my medical practice to an online coaching platform, Lisa graciously guided me through some challenging times! She always made me feel relaxed and comfortable with the next steps of setting up LLCs, working with my accountant, creating an online coaching business, and even selling private label products. She taught me the ‘do’s and dont’s of coaching. She was able to quickly respond to my every question and put me at ease many times when I felt overwhelmed with the process. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to up level and expand their skills to serve more in the world with comfort and ease!

- Trupti Gokani, MD

Neurologist, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Author of The Mysterious Mind

Lisa has brought me peace of mind and freedom to grow my business with confidence and legal clarity. She explained the law in clear terms and has allowed me the space and freedom to feel confident in having a sound legal structure for my businesses. I have grown my therapy business from a part time mental health practice to a full time business earning 6 figures. I also recently incorporated a brand new separate life coaching business as an S-Corp thanks to Lisa’s support and guidance. Lisa’s DIY documents, podcast, book and more have allowed me the room to grow my business with confidence & clarity. I consider Lisa to be an indispensable member of my team and I am so very fortunate to have found her.

- Jan Marie Ramos

Therapist & Life Coach, founder of Jan Marie Inc. & Naples Oceanside Wellness

Lisa walked me through every step so I felt completely confident and educated about the whole process. Not only does Lisa know her stuff, she also gets the ins and outs of the coaching world so I always feel completely safe, protected and empowered in her hands.

- Julie Santiago

Transformational Life Coach

I had been putting off the legal side of things since I started my business. But, I started worrying about whether my work was safe from copycats or being shared without my permission. As a creative entrepreneur my work often feels like my baby and because of Lisa’s approach and skills I now feel fully protected and secure about sharing my work with the world. She’s a legal angel and I cannot recommend her enough!

- Susan Ferraro

Mindset Coach & Creator of EASY PEASY LOA

Working with Lisa was a great investment in terms of time and money. I was able to find out that the name I wanted to use for a program was already trademarked. This actually made my work easier because I was clear not to invest any time or money into that product name.

- Sherold Barr

Master Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Lisa’s 7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened e-course is so informative, easy to read and personal, and most importantly, it sounds like you! You’ve really outdone yourself!

- Lana Shlafer

Mindset Coach, Speaker & Law of Attraction Expert

Lisa made the legalities of forming my S-corporation easy to understand and guided me through each step with ease. I now consider her the legal expert on my team. She allows me to do what I do best without worry. And to think I almost used!

- Jennifer Barnett

Holistic Health Coach & doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate

During our Legal Chat Lisa helped to shift my perspective and reconnect with my personal power. She helped me to zero in on what I needed to become more in touch with my ultimate purpose.

- Christina Caudill

Radiant Astrologer, Life Coach and Energy Healer

I always knew that I needed to get some of my legal ducks in a row but it felt SO daunting… like where do I start, is this going to cost me my life savings, what if they scam me, I’m going to feel like an idiot… and then Lisa came along. And she just gets it. Everything she does is super easy to understand and so loving that it’s simple to say yes to legal protection. Now I know that my clients are getting the best and that my income is protected. It’s a win, win, win!!

- Laura Sprinkle

Creative Launch + Brand Strategist

Lisa’s course is the best online course I have ever taken. Period. Lisa is what every female entrepreneur has been looking for to feel legally secure and high vibe in your business – a lawyer you have been unable to find, until now! Now I know exactly what to do to have all of my legal i’s dotted and t’s crossed – PLUS I love her energy!

- Melissa Pharr

Online Business & Marketing Strategist

I had started to approach a traditional lawyer to create terms & conditions for all of my programs, but that lawyer didn’t really understand the nature of my business or online business in general. I knew Lisa would because she’s also a certified Health Coach, and because she understands the virtual business model. The work was complex and specific – and we got it done super-fast so my intellectual property and business would be protected before my next launch.

- Laura Adler

Environmental Toxins Expert & Certified Holistic Health Coach

Working with Lisa was so empowering. The law always intimidates me, and for the longest time I was dragging my feet because I did not know how to protect my license and work as a Success Coach online. My first call with Lisa helped me to know that my fears were not unusual. She understood and articulated the passion she could hear in my voice more than I have ever heard anyone do before.

After my LLC was formed, she reviewed each LLC document with me and when the call was over she offered to stay on the phone until we completed the process. It is a very empowering experience to work with her, and I strongly recommend her.

- Mary Nii Munteh, Psy.D.

Success Coach

Lisa is the perfect mixture of legal genius and soul sister that JUST GETS IT. I walk away with legal wisdom PLUS documents that my customers actually understand AND still cover my tail. She’s removed the worry and made the legal part fun again. She is hands down my go-to legal lady.

- Katie Den Ouden

Life & Business Strategist

I was tempted to go with the free legal information available online, but am SO I glad I didn’t. The personal involvement, care, explanation and follow through Lisa provides gave me a level of assurance that I never could have gotten otherwise.

- Robin Arutt, M.Ed., HC

Founder of Full Potential Living

Most lawyers would probably roll their eyes in my less-than-common belief system in numerology and how I use it to operate my business. But not Lisa. She just gets right on it, and finds a way to make it happen. It feels really great to know that she “gets” me.

- Calvin Correli

CEO & Creator of Simplero

Utilizing Lisa’s DIY templates within my biz has been THE reason why I have been able to move forward with the ideas and ventures that have been in my heart and on my mind for so long that I had not felt safe to pursue UNTIL finding and receiving the kind of protection and support that Lisa offers. It has given me the permission to embrace and claim my own genius and use it as a catapulting force within my life! Thank you Lisa for pursuing your Zone of Genius and sharing your Legal Love!

- Alina McGilloway, LMT, CFMT, LE

Certified Master BodyMind Coach

Aside from being one of the kindest, most authentic people I’ve ever met, Lisa Fraley really knows her stuff. She is a wealth of knowledge and support for any business owner when it comes to the legal stuff. I am so tired of trying to explain my “weird” business and how I work as a healer – Lisa TOTALLY gets it and she knows the ins and outs of anything and everything to do with health, healing, and the RIGHT way to do things to protect yourself and your clients so that you are compliant and properly set up. She is so fast and her mind works like a computer! Plus, I really enjoyed talking to her because she is so nice and it’s like just talking to a friend. She doesn’t make you feel like you don’t know what you are doing even if you don’t know what you are doing. I will definitely make Lisa my go to person for anything and everything that I need help with for my business. Lisa is my “Legal Master” and I’m so grateful to have her as a resource!

- Monica Hershaft

Holistic Health Practitioner, Author, Speaker

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