I’m Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach® and Holistic Lawyer®.

I absolutely LOVE serving as a guest legal expert
for live events, webinars,
and more!

Want to have me speak at your event or interview me?

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My mission is to help others know

how to legally protect yourself, your biz & your brand

– with lots of Legal Love™.

Here are some of the places you’ve seen me:

live events

Mindshare Leadership Summit
Scottsdale, AZ
| Speaker |

North Carolina
Integrative Medical Society
Fall Grand Rounds
Wilmington, NC
| Speaker |
Mindshare Leadership Summit
Scottsdale, AZ
| Speaker |

World Conference on
Food Science & Technology
Rome, Italy
| Speaker |

International Association
of Orofacial Myology
Annual Convention
Gilbert, AZ
| Speaker |

Functional Health Coaching Conference, San Diego, CA
| Speaker |

Health Coach Membership Mastery, Hutchinson Island, FL
| Speaker |

FDN R.O.C.K. Conference
San Diego, CA
| Speaker |

Accelerate Live
Portsmouth, NH
| Speaker |

NANP Annual Conference 
Tucson, AZ
| Speaker |

Gentle Entrepreneur Live
Atlanta, GA
| Speaker |

Healers Code Live
San Diego, CA
| Speaker |

Health Coach Membership Mastery Live Event, Florida
| Speaker |

From Passion to Profits Live
Hollywood, CA
| Speaker |

The High Impact Health Coach Summit, Seattle, WA
| Speaker |

Promote and Profit with Mike Koenigs, San Diego, CA
| Panelist |

From Passion To Profits Live
Las Vegas, NV
| Speaker |

Flourish & Thrive LIVE
New York, NY
| Speaker |

Camp GLP
Rockhill, NY
| Speaker |

Conscious Marketing: Social Media Bootcamp
Seattle, WA
| Speaker |

Centre Stage
Kelowna, BC
| Speaker |

The Health Coach Group Health Coach Mastery 2016
Hutchinson Island, FL
| Speaker |

New York City, NY
| Speaker |

Kelowna, BC
| Speaker |

The Health Coach Group
Mastery Summit
Club Med, FL
| Speaker |
The Ultimate
Health Coach Mastermind
St. Lucie, FL
| Speaker |

BeGREAT Conference
Seattle, WA
| Keynote Speaker |

Holistic MBA/HCI Live Conference
New York, NY
| Panelist |

Holistic MBA/HCI Live Conference
San Diego, CA
|Panelist |

Maine Women’s Network
Portland, ME
|Speaker |

“Something truly magical happens when Lisa is on stage – her excitement about the law is so contagious!”

I’ve seen Lisa’s webinars over the years, but I was able to catch her at a live event and wow! I felt everyone in the room getting excited, raising their hands and feeling caught up in the energy of how we can protect ourselves legally as healers and spiritual entrepreneurs.

I also really benefitted from knowing how each agreement is tied to a chakra to create empowerment around the law – instead of being dry and boring! Catch her in person or have her at your next event. Her energy is incredible!

Nicole Strychaz

Owner of The Awakened Professional, Professional Writer & Editor

Lisa is the only person I’ve ever heard talk about legal paperwork in a way that felt spirit connected. “

Shout out to the awesomeness of Lisa Fraley, the lawyer who spoke to our group. She’s the only person I’ve ever heard talk about legal paperwork in a way that felt spirit connected. So helpful to alleviating my mega-resistance around participating in the legal aspects of business.

Now I’m so much more confident about the whole topic and process. It no longer feels like a looming monster I can’t quite see or comprehend.

Serena Davidson

Photographer & Personal (R)evolution Guide

most requested topics

Looking for a legal expert to speak at your event?
Need a lawyer to share legal tips on your next podcast episode or webinar?

You’re in luck, my friend.

I’ve spoken on dozens of stages large and small, appearing on stages from 10 to 1,000. I’ve led intimate workshops, run corporate lunch-and-learns, and given keynote addresses.
I’ve done literally hundreds of webinar, podcast and other interviews shared in paid programs, websites and resource lists.

Each talk turns legalese into legal ease.
I teach how to get legally covered in a way that’s accessible,
approachable, and affordable – and full of Legal Love™.

Please choose from the following topics, but know that my talk
will be tailored to the needs of each audience:

Many entrepreneurs hold back and play small because they don’t feel safe and secure enough to step up and play big.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • 7 easy legal steps that most entrepreneurs need as their business grows to move from feeling stuck and scared to confident and empowered – and when to take each one.
  • How each step aligns with one of the 7 chakras – the energy centers of the body – and why that’s important to making money.
  • What legal steps to take now (and what can wait) so you don’t do something wrong, get in trouble, or miss key steps.

After this talk, you’ll no longer worry about being sued or losing your business
because you’ll know how to keep your income, content and brand safe.

You know that eating whole foods and more leafy greens is like preventative health care for the body. Well, I like to say that getting legally covered is like preventative care for your business so you can avoid legal confusion and headaches that keep you lying awake at night.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • What you can and can’t say and do unless you’re not a licensed practitioner (no matter what state you are located in!)
  • How to be clear on your website and in your programs about being a health coach, functional nutrition practitioner or holistic healer so clients don’t get confused and come after you.
  • What legal documents you need to have in writing BEFORE you start working with clients.

You’ll walk away with a checklist of legal steps to put in place to protect yourself and your biz.

Want to ask questions for your specific audience
and get legal tips in a 60-minute Q&A session?

Here’s how it works:

We can hold your session live or pre-recorded. You can submit your
questions in advance and I will organize them by topic.

Please note that all questions will be answered in a way that allows
everyone on the call to benefit from the answers. I can also take
questions from participants during the session if time permits.

Questions about other potential topics?
Please contact us at clientlove@lisafraley.com.

Want to have me speak at your event or interview me?

Learn more and send me your info here.

“Every heart-centered entrepreneur needs to know Lisa and experience her amazingly-centered presentations.”

I love Lisa’s stage presence and how she aligned “legalese” to the 7 chakras. Lisa makes it so straightforward and easy to understand.

Pamela Lynch

Inspirational Book Whisper & Founder of Aiesha Publishing Company

“Amazing and informative speech with so much useful legal information for business owners.”

I loved Lisa’s confidence in the delivery and her caring nature was so obvious. Thank you, Lisa!

Sarah Shakespeare

Life Coach, Speaker & Personal Trainer

webinars & video interviews

CherryLegal Protection For American Online Businesses
with Lori Kennedy, The Virtual Wellness Business Summit

CherryPerfect Practice 2022 Live Event
with Sachin Patel, founder of Perfect Practice and The Living Proof Institute

CherryLegal Basics for Health Coaches & Holistic Practitioners – Practice Better
with Brittany Andrejcin, Practice Better

CherryLegal Webinar with Lisa Fraley
with Nathalie Garcia, Practice Better

CherryRevamp Legal Mindset for Productivity
with Paula Rizzo, Inside Scoop

CherryLegal Protection For Your Programs & Courses
with Michelle Leotta, Health Coach Power Community

CherryKnow Your State Nutrition Laws
with Michelle Leotta, Health Coach Power Community

CherryHealth Coach Legal Questions, Answered by Lisa Fraley
with Michelle Leotta, Health Coach Power Community

CherryCrossing State Lines: 3 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid as a Licensed Practitioner or Health Coach
with Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN, Recession-Proof Your Online Practice Guest Expert Summit

CherryHow to Protect Your Brand With Trademarking – part 1
with Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN

CherryHow To Protect Your Brand with Trademarking – part 2
with Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN

CherryHow To Protect Your Brand with Trademarking – part 3
with Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN

Cherry3 Common Legal Mistakes Wellness Entrepreneurs Make
with Morgan Sheets, Founder of Live Well, Be Wll, Do Good

CherryResilience Roadmap Summit
with Jodi Cohen, Founder of Vibrant Blue Oils

CherryGetting Legally Covered In Your Business Without Being Scared or Overwhelmed
with Rachel Feldman, Business Coach for Health Coaches

CherryWhat Legal Documents Do You Need to Be Safe as Health Coach?
with Rachel Feldman, Business Coach for Health Coaches

Cherry7 Easy Steps to Legally Protect Your Business
with David Jenyns & Eric Putnam, SystemHUB

CherrySoulful Legal Solutions: Business Entities
with Keri Nola, Retired Psychotherapist and Founder of Awakened Healer

CherryHow To Be Legally Covered in Your Massage Practice
with Laura Wieck, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Coach and Mentor

CherryFive in Five: 5 Questions in Five Minutes™ (Season 2, Episode 36) and (Season 1, Episode 10)
with Gina Gomez, Business Strategist & Advisor

CherryWhich Corporate Entity is Right for Your Jewelry Business?
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CherryThe Health Coach Master Class
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Cherry4 Legal Musts
with Kimra Luna, Personal Branding & Business Strategist

CherryProtect Your Good Work
with Lisa Fabrega, Coach, Writer & Courage Curator

CherryHealer’s Hangout Webinar: Legal Enlightenment for Holistic Entrepreneurs
with Jana (Matthews) Grocost, New Moon Manifesting

… and more!

“Legal issues scare me but Lisa turned legalese into legal-ease!”

The way Lisa aligned the 7 main legal aspects for a business owner with the 7 chakras helps me now understand what exactly I need to do as a biz owner.

Amy Roscoe

Founder, Be Your Own Superhero

“Lisa is an energetic and engaging speaker – her talk was both inspiring AND informative!”

So happy she does what she does because her work is exactly what my business needed. Thank you!

Jamie Traeger-Muney

Founder, Wealth Legacy Group

podcasts, radio shows & interviews

CherryHow to Take Easy Legal Steps to Protect Your Business
with John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

CherryProtecting Your Health Business In The Age of AI: Legal Tips From Lisa Fraley
with JJ Virgin, Health Business Growth Show Podcast

CherryLet the Law Empower You
with Erin Power and Laura Rupsis, Health Coach Radio Podcast by Primal Health Coach Institute

CherrySpiritual Law Practices
with Kelly Roach, The Kelly Roach Show

CherryRegister Your Business
with Carey Peters & Stacey Morgenstern, Better Than Ever – Health Coach Institute Podcast

CherryEasy Legal Steps for Your Soul
with Amber Lilyestrom, Ignite Your Dream Podcast

CherryEasy Legal Steps to Protect & Align Your Online Business
with Jen Casey, Entrepreneur Now Podcast

CherryLegally Protecting Your Business with Contracts
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CherryBusiness Structures, Trademark, Copyright, and Contracts
with Jan Marie Ramos, Latinas Empowering Latinas Podcast

CherryWebsite Protection, Disclaimers, and Chargebacks
with Jan Marie Ramos, Latinas Empowering Latinas Podcast

CherryWhat to Include in Your Client Agreement to Protect Yourself Legally
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CherryMust-Know Legal Tips To Stay Compliant And Avoid Fines
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CherryWhat Laws Health Coaches Should Follow with Virtual Clients
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CherryWhat Health Coaches Need To Know About Using AI In Their Business
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CherryDisclaimer and Waivers Focusing on Brick and Mortar Businesses With a Nod to the Virtual World
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CherryHow To Legally Protect Your Blog
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CherryMoney Tips – Episode 121 with Lisa Fraley
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CherryLegal Health Coaching – Episode 180 with Lisa Fraley
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CherryLegal Love™- Episode 243 with Lisa Fraley
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CherrySimplify The Legal Process For Your Business
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CherryHelping Doctors Become Coaches with Lisa Fraley
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CherryUnderstanding The Intersection Between Law And Detox
with Shawnda McNeal, Intentionally Disruptive Podcast

CherryGetting Legally Covered & Refund-Proofing Your Business
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CherryMost Everything Doctors Need to Know About Legally Protecting Their Online Venture
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CherryUsing Legal Structures The Feel Good in Business
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CherryThe Studio Owner’s Legal Checklist
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CherryLegal Love: Aligning Legal Steps with The Chakras with Lisa Fraley
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CherryLegally Protecting Yourself for Your Speaking Gigs
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CherryHow to Plug Your Energy Leaks & Strengthen Your Boundaries
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… and more!

“Lisa made getting legal less scary. Her energy immediately made her approachable and I instantly trusted her.”

I loved how she connected the 7 chakras to the legal pieces we need in our business to cover our tails.

Alyssa J. Gavinski

Co-Founder, Felicity & Design

“Who would have thought that a legal topic could be delivered in a way that makes you want MORE?”

Thank you, Lisa, for an engaging and informative message and for highlighting the importance of legally protecting your business in more ways than one.

Brenda Tsiaonsis

Business Coach & Speaker

guest expert calls for programs & courses

CherryAlan Ojeda
Freelancing Mastery School

CherryAlexis Saloutos
Chakredy Immersion

CherryAlicia Streger
Fit Pro Essentials Webinar

CherryAmanda Moxley
Speak Your Way To Success

CherryAmanda Rootsey
Shine From Within

CherryAmber Reynolds & Sherri Steincamp
Dietitians in Private Practice

CherryAmy Lippmann
Marketing for Health Coaches

CherryAndrea Nakayama
Functional Nutrition Alliance

CherryApril Iannazzone
Self-Made Success Summit

CherryBrent Kay
Wealthy Healthy Coaches

CherryCalvin Corelli

CherryCarey Peters & Stacey Morgenstern
Health Coach Institute (HCI)

CherryCathy Brown Sykora
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CherryCelia Ward-Wallace
The Super-Fly Soulful Coaching Academy

CherryColette Belisle & Jessica Valor
The Soul-Focused Business Academy

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Instructional Strategist

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iProsper Business Advisory Program

CherryLesli Bitel MBA RDN, Ashley Koff RD & Fullscript
Virtual Business School for Practitioners

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Soulful Strategist & Success Alchemist, The Biz Spark

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She Gets Business

“I love having Lisa speak to my students every year. She always brings clarity and purpose!”

Lisa is the reason that I use and encourage my students to use legal documents. Often people don’t get the full impact of why we need legal documents until a negative situation arises.

A million thank you’s for helping us to be informed on the front end to protect ourselves. Thank you, Lisa!

Lou Ann Beecher

SoulSideOut, Teacher and Mentor

guest blog posts and contributions

CherryHow 6 Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs Achieved their First Year Goals
Amy Lippmann, Marketing Strategist

CherryWhat To Do After A Client Says “Yes”
Amy Lippmann, Marketing Strategist

CherryHow to Coach Within Your Scope of Practice as a Health Coach
Kathleen LeGrys, Health Coach Solutions

CherryLegality + Spirituality and How They Can Help You
Wright Wellness Center

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official bio

Lisa Fraley, JD  is an Attorney, Legal Coach®, and Holistic Lawyer®. She takes a holistic approach to law and business by blending her expertise as a former health care attorney in a large corporate law firm with the care and support as a Health & Life Coach. Her goal is to make law easy to understand, accessible and affordable, with lots of “Legal Love™”.

With a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School Online, she’s the author of Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul, an #1 Amazon best seller in both Corporate Law and Ethics, and the host of the ”Legally Enlightened Podcast” on iTunes which offers bite-sized, digestible legal tips in 20-minutes or less.

Lisa has spoken on international stages from the Bellagio to British Columbia including for Jonathan Fields, National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Maryland University of Integrative Health, World Conference on Food Safety (upcoming), Mindshare Leadership Summit (upcoming), and Maine Women’s Network. For her expertise, she has been a legal expert on over 300 podcasts and interviews, including mindbodygreen.com, “Entrepreneur on Fire” hosted by Jon Lee Dumas, Health Coach Institute, Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Chris Kresser, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Coaching Academy, True Detox, Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences, Dr. Stephen Cabral, Russ Ruffino, Primal Health Coach Podcast, Practice Better, The Health Coach Group, The Limitless MD Podcast, Doctors Unbound Podcast, Wellpreneur Podcast, That Clean Life, The Wellness Business Podcast, National Association of Counselors in Private Practice, Dietitians in Business & Communications, The Flourishing Center, Dieticians in Private Practice, Entrepreneur Now Podcast, In Her Voice Podcast, Simplero, Shining Mentor Magazine, Australia’s YMag, and “Good Day Maine” (WGME-13 Portland).

my certifications & education

Heart BulletJD, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Heart BulletBA in Political Science and Minor in Business Administration, cum laude, Miami University (Ohio)

Heart BulletHealth Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Heart BulletLife Coach, CoachU

Heart BulletMaster Transformational Coach, Health Coach Institute (formerly HMBA)

Heart BulletChakredy Certified Practitioner, Chakredy

Heart BulletLicensed as an Attorney in the State of Ohio

professional images

Photo credit: Laura Volpacchio

Photo credit: Wendy Yalom

Photo credit: Amber Lilyestrom

Photo credit: Laura Volpacchio

Photo credit: Lauren Bodwell