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Creative Marketing Director

Heather Jernigan

Virtual Assistant

Amy Kozak

Website Developers

Courtney Pearce & Co.
Lori Reeves
Laura Sprinkle
Katrina Hubbard


Laura Belgray
Heather Jernigan

Graphic Designers

Heather Jernigan
Kate Jernigan
Amber Lilyestrom
Cassi Goozen
Nora Gray


Wendy Yalom
Amber Lilyestrom
Laura Volpacchio
Christina Morassi
Lauren Bodwell


MiXiV Media Network


Michelle Schweitzer

Public Relations/Media

Mike Iamele


Scott Fraley
Autumn Lane

Podcast Producer

Travis Brown

Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

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