I’m Lisa Fraley, Attorney & Legal Coach® for coaches and entrepreneurs.

I work with people like you
– online entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and business owners –
who want to work with a lawyer and coach who actually gets what you do.

Since 2012, I have developed a multi-6 figure business that has helped
hundreds of heart-centered biz owners get legally covered
and exhale with relief as they protect their biz and brand. 

When you cover your buns with contracts, trademarks, entities (and more!),
you feel professional and confident – and you raise your biz vibe.

If you want to avoid copycats, curveballs, and “crazies” (as my mother would say),
taking the right legal steps helps you feel safe and secure
to share your deepest work with the world.

That’s what I mean when I say “get legally covered…so you can go bare.”

not your typical lawyer.

If you haven’t guessed yet from the blonde hair and bright dresses, I’m definitely not your typical lawyer.  I’ve been described as trailblazer, visionary, and alchemist – and full of Legal Love.

An attorney for 20 years, I was honored to work for a large corporate law firm, once specializing in Health Care and Bioethics.

But after a time, the corporate world didn’t suit me (or my adrenals!) very well, and working long desk hours living on peanut M&Ms and Starbucks didn’t work anymore.

I became a Life Coach through CoachU (back in 2003) and then a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2012 to get a grip on my sugar cravings.

I dove in as a Health Coach and worked with 1:1 clients, giving 72 corporate wellness seminars in just over a year – and came out of my sugar lows as I cleaned up my diet.

But my Health Coach friends knew I was a lawyer and kept asking me legal questions. They said they were leery of corporate lawyers, even scared of the law, and kept coming to me because I was a Health Coach too.

So with the gentle nudge of my private coach Carey Peters of HCI (formerly HMBA), I combined my powerful legal experience with my caring coaching skills and carved out a new niche as a Legal Coach® (and even trademarked the name!)

the result?

You get the best of both worlds – a lawyer and a coach
who gets online entrepreneurs.

So before you contact your family lawyer for help, know this: Even the sharpest traditional lawyers typically aren’t familiar with the online biz world. It’s not their fault, after all. Most don’t become coaches or online entrepreneurs, so they don’t learn about opt-ins, Ontraport or online cleanses.

I totally get you, and the work that you do.

That’s why these rockstar entrepreneurs have me on speed-dial…

"Thank goodness I found Lisa. Not only did she understand my special needs, she also understands the health coaching business."

- Cathy Sykora
Founder of the Health Coach Group

"Working with Lisa was such a breath of fresh air! She made the process easy plus she's fun to work with, efficient, and timely. It was a whole different legal experience than we're used to and it was a true pleasure!"

- Kate Northrup and Mike Watts
Best-Selling Author and Coach

"Lisa Fraley is AMAZING! Never could I possibly imagine there was any one person who could have such a divine combination of whip-smart common sense, uncanny intuition, nuanced coaching prowess, and sharp legal sense."

- Kendrick Shope
Authentic Selling Sales Expert & Speaker

"In the best of all worlds, I'll never know what kind of trouble and money Lisa has saved me. I'll just know that I'm legally protected, and that frees me to do bolder, better work."

- Laura Belgray
Copywriting Expert & Owner of Talking Shrimp, Inc.

And what’s more?


I am well-known for my holistic and loving approach to the law.  That’s why I call myself a Holistic Lawyer® too.

Aside from making the legal parts understandable, easy and fun, I bring a softer side to the law without fear-mongering or a harsh CYA stance, so you won’t find negative energy mucking up your biz.

i’ve been called 1 part lawyer, 1 part coach and 1 part woo – because I believe #thelawisspiritualtoo.


That’s right: I align legal documents with the chakras, so you get support from your base to your crown. (See, I told you I was spiritual too!)

Why? Because I believe legal contracts and documents are sacred containers to hold and support your work, your relationships, your biz and your brand.

When you take legal steps, your soul benefits too.

On the practical side, legal steps can cover your buns, and energetically, they strengthen your boundaries to stop money leaks, stand in your power, and attract more of what you want. (LOTS more.) That’s what I call the unexpected “spiritual side effect of the law.”™

it’s all about the “and”.

I used to think we had to be “either/or” in life or business. But now I’m all about “the and” – as evidenced by the lighted ampersand marquee in my office.

it’s all about the “and”.

I used to think we had to be “either/or” in life or business. But now I’m all about “the and” – as evidenced by the lighted ampersand marquee in my office.

I believe we can bring ALL of our gifts together in our work – both strong AND loving, profitable AND charitable, professional AND personable.

I can be a “Mama Lion lawyer” AND a “Heart-Centered Coach” – there’s no need to choose (which perfectly suits my Gemini style too.)

I can have a business that involves ALL parts of me – and, of course, my friend, so can you.

If you want to know more about my quirks and my skills, you’ll love these fun facts!

MORE about me that will shock (AND BENEFIT) the pants off of you: (Hello, Elle Woods combo!)

as a smarty pants lawyer, i’ve:

  • Stood in the Oval Office and was offered a position in the White House – but I turned it down to go to law school. (I guess I knew you’d need me one day!)
  • Served as Managing Editor of the CWRU Health Matrix: Law-Medicine Journal.
  • Authored a 50-page, published paper on bioethics & biomedical research.
  • Worked in top law firms and gotten licensed in the State of Ohio and District of Columbia.
  • Joined the “Forty Under 40” honorees in Columbus, Ohio (selected when I was just 29!)
  • Spoken as in-demand legal expert for live events, webinars, podcasts & bonus calls for coaches, entrepreneurs, businesses, and spiritual healers.
  • Created DIY legal templates with love – and with color (gasp!)
  • Partnered with fellow lawyer Gena Shingle Jaffe to create the Damsel goes bare™ legal course.

as a coach & fun-loving gal, i’ve:

  • Cheered my heart out as a high school cheerleader & president of my sorority pledge class
  • Converted to a believer in the law of attraction, manifestation, astrology and grace.
  • Led the Junior League of Portland (ME) as the President & Board Chair
  • Changed my wardrobe from “Working Girl” office wear to fun dresses for speaking events AND Lulu yoga pants for working from home — my Legal Love HQ
  • Run 3 marathons (one was freezing cold in 25 degrees!) and countless 10Ks and 5Ks
  • Studied in London and Moscow – and traveled to 19 countries in between
  • Become a certified fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Made my home with my husband by a lake where we love to hike, snowshoe, and run.

ready to dive in to get legally covered?

Here’s exactly what you need — whether you want DIY legal documents or Luxe legal care.

My official bio


Lisa Fraley is a Legal Coach®, Attorney, Best-Selling Author and Speaker who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs get legally covered through her DIY legal templates, services and online courses. She uniquely aligns legal steps with the chakras because she believes the law protects you practically AND energetically. Lisa “gets” online and holistic entrepreneurs because she’s also a certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN, Life Coach through Coach U, and Master Transformational Method Coach through HCI (formerly HMBA). Lisa is the author of the #1 Best Seller Easy Legal Steps… That are Also Good for Your Soul.

She received her JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law where she was managing editor of the Health-Law Journal, and BA in Political Science with a Minor in Business Administration, cum laude, with Honors, from Miami University (Ohio). She is a sought-after legal expert appearing in over 250 podcasts, webinars and international stages about her holistic approach to the law, chakras and entrepreneurship.

Lisa’s also the former president of the Junior League of Portland (Maine) and was selected as a “Forty Under 40” award recipient by Business First newspaper in Columbus, Ohio when she was just 29. She’s an avid runner and hiker, and she’s completed 3 marathons.


My certifications & education


JD, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
BA in Political Science and Minor in Business Administration, cum laude, Miami University (Ohio)
Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Life Coach, CoachU
Master Transformational Coach, Health Coach Institute (formerly HMBA)
Chakredy Certified Practitioner, Chakredy
Licensed as an Attorney in the State of Ohio


Still want to know more?


Check out my interviews HERE | Grab my free gift to cover your buns HERE

Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC


Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC lisafraley.com

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