my self-care love list

Whether it’s going for a run, diffusing essential oils,
getting a massage, or lighting a candle,

these acts of self-love elevate my mood and energy
to be more productive, patient and peaceful
– which is always the goal!

Pulp & Press – I love these cold pressed juices. Each bottle has 3-4 pounds of fresh, 100% organic fruits and vegetables, hydraulic cold pressed into every bottle and they’re delivered cold to your doorstep. They have a gazillion flavors. You can drink them as a cleanse (3-day, 5-day or 7-day), or just purchase them and drink one a day. I’ve bought the 35-pack multiple times and drank one a day as an afternoon pick-me-up. You can also get a subscription. Refreshing and delish!
Order your organic cold pressed juice here.
Beautycounter is my newest favorite clean beauty and skincare company. They have the most luxurious feeling and high-performing cosmetics and skin care products with safer ingredients. I love their new anti-aging Countertime skin care line and feel good about using it because they prohibit the use of over 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients on the “Never List” (many of which are banned in the EU but legal in the US).

And the lawyer in me respects that they’re leading a movement for #betterbeauty by lobbying both the US Congress and Canadian parliament to enact stronger regulation around what ingredients can go into skin care products and they’re a cruelty-free, EWG-verified, sustainable B-Corp company who believes that “beauty should be good for you.” I agree!
Check out Beautycounter here.

Quip.* I’ve been using Quip toothbrushes for the past few years. They are battery-operated, gentler than other electric toothbrushes and I like their sleek look. They don’t take up much room on your bathroom counter (or you can stick them to your mirror). The brush heads last for 3 months, then new ones are delivered right to your doorstep.
Get a new Quip electric toothbrush here.

Essential Oils.Oils have changed my life – and my husband’s. We use them every single day on our bodies and in diffusers. My go-to faves are lavender, clove, and grapefruit, and my hubby loves frankincense, peppermint and patchouli. They boost our mood and support our bodies’ own healing processes.
Connect with me about my fave essential oils here.

Aloha vegan protein powder and bars*. Say “Aloha” to delicious plant-based, organic, fair-trade, non-GMO foods that keep your belly full and your mouth happy. The vanilla protein powder and peanut butter chocolate bars are the best!.
Order sample packs and try Aloha here.

Annmarie skin care.* I learned about Annmarie Gianni’s “wildcrafted organic skin care” products from Kris Carr. I love their gentle Aloe Herb Facial Cleanser and nourishing Anti-Aging Facial Oil – I use them both daily.
Try out an Annmarie sample kit here.

Tut daily inspiration. Tut (short for “thoughts become things”) are the brainchild of former PwC auditor-turned-spiritual guru Mike Dooley. Receive daily e-mails of inspiration reminding you that your thoughts become reality – so choose them carefully.
Sign up for Tut daily messages here.

Oracle cards. Wisdom of Avalon by Colette Baron-Reid was my first (and is my favorite!) deck of oracle cards. My mentor, Carey Peters of HCI, introduced me to these cards in January 2012, and, repeatedly, they have confirmed my intuitive hits and imparted wisdom.
Get your own oracle deck here.

Manduka yoga mats.* I did a ton of research before I purchased my Manduka eKo Lite (4mm) yoga mat and I love it. It’s an eco-friendly, no-slip, biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber yoga mat which provides cushion and support without harming the planet.
Get your new yoga mat here.

P.volve.  These streaming workouts build strength without bulk by using precise movements activating hard-to-reach muscles. Stephen Pasterino takes a functional approach to exercise, much like a physical therapist does, and you rarely do more than 8 reps of each exercise. My body has been taking shape quickly which makes me very happy.
Find out more about P.volve here.

Xen Strength Yoga with Danielle Diamond.* I met Danielle at Laura Belgray’s writing workshop in Cinque Terre, Italy and quickly fell in love with her “yoga with weights” online programs. I love the time-saving approach of using weights (safely!) with asana poses to build muscle and improve balance at the same time. (Plus, Danielle has been Bobbi Brown’s private yoga instructor so she’s top notch.)  
Try the 28  Day Xen Strength Yoga Challenge.

Buddha Teas for the Chakras.*7 varieties of organic teas in unbleached teabags to balance your energy and support each chakra. The Crown Chakra tea is a high-frequency tea of lavender, nutmeg and rose petals infused with the essence of amethyst for spiritual connection, bliss, and prosperity. Love it!
Get Buddha Teas here.

Probiotics.* Holistic Blends has the most effective probiotics I have found. They’re a science-backed high potency multi-strain probiotic and they make a belly happy.
Get probiotics for a healthy gut here.

Upgraded Formulas* offers at-home testing and high quality supplements free of flavors, fillers, and artificial colors. Their products can be used to help identify the root cause of health issues so you can live optimally. Personally, I’m a fan of the Upgraded Women’s Hormone Health Bundle.
Find out more about test kits and supplements here.

*All of these resources I highly recommend – after all, I use each of them to support my self-care.
If you sign up through my referral links with the asterisks, I may receive credit or commissions for your purchase, and I thank you in advance.

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