Lisa’s biz love list

Did you learn how to run an online biz
the hard and expensive way?
(Yeah, me too.)

That’s why I’m such a fan of business tools that are super-easy,
reasonably-priced and user-friendly for a technophobe like me.

As a Legal Coach® and Holistic Lawyer®,
here are my recommendations of the BEST resources
that my team and I use on a daily basis.

These resources will save you time, money, energy
– and (most importantly) your sanity!

Liability insurance & business tools*. Alternative Balance offers liability insurance & business tools to health coaches/nutrition consultants, life coaches, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, Ayurvedic practitioners, beauty consultants, bodyworkers and more.
Learn more about Alternative Balance here.

Digital mailing address* – If you need a digital mailing address to register your business (either in your state or another state), iPostal1 will give you a business street address so you can form your LLC or S-Corp. It’s also a digital mailbox so you can log in and “see” the envelopes & packages sent to you and then decide to forward, scan, recycle, or shred them. I recommend the “Virtual Business Address” package to my clients- it’s a one-stop shop!
Learn more about iPostal1 here.

Payroll* – Gusto is the online service I use to run payroll to pay employees of my company. I love it because it’s easy to use and inexpensive. It also has tools for hiring employees and managing HR benefits for team members. My accountant can easily access it for tax preparation purposes too. It’s a godsend for S-Corps and C-Corps who have to run payroll each month!.
Learn more about Gusto here.

Stylish stock photos*. Dress up your brand with styled stock photography for women entrepreneurs. I love Haute Stock so much that not only do I use their stock photography for my blog, website and social media but I have also had them do a custom photo shoot just for me!
Get your stylish stock photography here.
Enter this code: 8f53a3c30a at checkout and save 15% on you subscription.

Complete nutrition practice management platform.* Practice Better is a one-stop shop for health coaches and licensed medical providers to manage your practice online. It combines health records, client notes, meal planning software, appointment scheduling, invoicing, and more in a HIPAA-compliant, secure, cloud-based location. It’s a simple way to manage your clients and practice, and it’s also comprehensive, intuitive and affordable. I know the owner, Nathalie Garcia, personally and she’s definitely created a way to practice better!
Learn more about Practice Better here.

Online platform.* Simplero provides email marketing, billing/invoicing, course spaces, affiliate program, and member database services all rolled into one. I switched to Simplero a few years ago from another service because it’s WAY more affordable and they have excellent customer service – and I loved that it was created by Calvin Corelli, a fellow B-Schooler (who also later became a client).
Learn more about Simplero here.

WordPress hosting*.  Flywheel makes your WordPress website run like a breeze with nightly backups, blazing-fast load times, WordPress-specific security, 100% free simple SSL, and an awesome support team full of WordPress experts.
Get Flywheel here

Webinar provider.* Zoom is  the best webinar tool out there. It allows you to have private “rooms” where you can see everyone’s lovely faces or huge “webinar” presentation formats. It’s a high definition video conferencing experience and inexpensive to sign up.
Sign up for Zoom here.

Calendar scheduler. You’ve used OnceHub (formerly ScheduleOnce) if you’ve booked a Legal Chat or Prep Call with me. OnceHub’s calendar sends reminders, converts time zones, allows multiple event types (for both you and your team) and offers customizable branding and text.
And it connects to your Google calendar or iCal seamlessly. And it’s
HIPAA-compliant! I love it!
Sign up for OnceHub here.

Collaboration hub. My Chief Operations Officer + Lead Coach Heather & I are loving Slack!  It’s a great place for team project discussions (organized into channels with hashtags) and where information is searchable and always at your fingertips. And the best part? It’s FREE.
Check out Slack here.

Microphone. This Yeti Blue Microphone is what I use to record my podcast. It is the ultimate USB mic for professional recording for audio recordings, course trainings, podcasts and more! It’s old-school so you feel like you are in a radio station studio (minus the headphones, electronics and producers) – and it’s got 4 settings for high-quality sound no matter what you’re recording.
Learn more about the Yeti Blue microphone here.

Graphics. If you’re not a graphic designer but love creating quotes and images, Canva is for you. Create beautiful designs with their drag and drop features – and now Canva for Work lets you – and your team! – save templates, brand colors, and logos to save time and create consistency.
Get Canva here.

Security system* – SimpliSafe has been my security system to protect my home office – whole home! – from intruders, fires, theft and more. I love that I can watch live camera feed 24/7 and their interactive monitoring shows me on the app which doors and windows have been opened. Plus, if your alarm goes off, they call you immediately and send priority dispatch for a faster police response (like when we were at the Boston airport and our fire alarm went off, SimpliSafe sent the fire department over, reassured us everything was fine, and saved the day! )
Learn more about SimpliSafe here (and get 40% off of a new Simplisafe system plus receive a free indoor camera.)

Privacy protection*. Care about protecting your privacy? Yeah, me too. I learned recently that when someone Googles you or your family, data brokers are selling your personal info to vendors and on the dark web. Is it possible to have your data removed? Yes. A lot of it. I signed up with Delete Me to remove my info from search engines and third party sites. In the first month, they’ve removed 70 listings and info from 44 data brokers. I already feel better. They remove info every 3 months and send you reports.
Learn more about Delete Me here.

Goody Gifts* – If you’re looking for a wide selection of gifts for clients, team members, or friends, Goody makes it so easy. You can select gifts in a price range – and your recipient can even swap them out if they prefer something else – everyone wins with ease! You can choose from pre-built gift suggestions or create a custom package of curated gifts from zillions of cool brands. And, even cooler, you pay only if they accept the gift. All you need is their name and email – no mailing addresses needed.
Learn more about Goody Gifts here.

Use these resources and watch your free time &  income go up
– and your biz stress go down.





* All of these resources I highly recommend – after all, I use each of them in my business every day.
If you sign up through my referral links with the asterisks, I may receive credit or commissions for your purchase, and I thank you in advance.

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