My Team

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC AADP
Legal Coach & Attorney

If you haven’t guessed yet from the blonde hair and bright dresses, Lisa’s definitely not your typical lawyer.

She’s an attorney, Life Coach and Certified Holistic Health Coach combined her powerful legal experience with her caring coaching skills and carved out a new niche as a Legal Coach® (and even trademarked the name!)

Her multi-6 figure business has helped hundreds of heart-centered biz owners get legally covered and exhale with relief as they protect their biz and brand.

Heather Lienenbrugger
Creative Marketing Director

Heather combines her corporate online marketing and strategic planning experience with being a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Business Coach as Creative Marketing Director at

Heather and Lisa have been business BFFs since they met at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and is thrilled to have been Lisa’s right-hand gal since 2015.

She manages Lisa’s marketing strategy, content creation, affiliate support, launch planning, team leadership, speaking inquiries and so much more.

In her free time, you’ll find Heather reading books or watching shows around historical fiction, sitting outside on her back porch in Austin, Texas or traveling the world with her very tall husband.

Blue Russ
Legal Chat and Social Media Specialist

Blue is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Business Flow Coach and has been a coach since 2006.

She was trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and is thrilled to be talking with the Legal Love™ community in free 20-Minute Legal Chats, supporting clients through email support and managing social media platforms with industry best-practices.

Blue is also a professional copy writer and ethical marketing coach. She has spent years working for Health Coach Institute, Marisa Murgatroyd and others welcoming and coaching new students.

Blue lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and formerly worked in nonprofits helping people experiencing homelessness and incarceration get back into the workforce.

Katelyn Larson
Online Business Manager

Katelyn came from an operations and marketing background before she started Capri Creative. As a Certified Online Business Manager she works with business owners to streamline, strategize, and problem solve in different areas of their businesses.

She helps Lisa streamline her current processes and helps her solve the problems that need some love and attention!

She’s a world traveler who jumps head-first into new experiences; she’s once went skydiving, bungee-jumping, and cage diving in the span of 24 hours. If you ask her what is on her bucket list, she’ll say everything!

Michelle Schweitzer
Accounting & Financial Specialist

Michelle’s experience stems from working in higher ed – admissions, enrollment, and finance – bringing all the systems together in information technology. She also works with several authors as a copyeditor to help ensure their stories are ready to be shared. She brings all this experience to the table as our Accounting & Financial Specialist.

She is a huge music lover and believes that music can change a person’s frame of mind – *Focus on the Good* – It’s Everywhere! Music brings people together and she travels far and wide to join music family at events all over the world.

Katrina Hubbard
Web Master

Katrina is a quirky creative and graduated agency nerd who decided to combine her technical and creative expertise to start OnPIRE.

She has been working with Lisa since 2017, now managing all on-going website maintenance, squashing those pesky bugs and conquering the larger projects that come our way.

Her favorite foods are nachos and ice cream (but certainly not at the same time). She also relishes in the values: efficiency and honesty, two other things that are also quite delish.