My Team

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC AADP
Legal Coach & Attorney

If you haven’t guessed yet from the blonde hair and bright dresses, Lisa’s definitely not your typical lawyer.

She’s an attorney, Life Coach and Certified Holistic Health Coach combined her powerful legal experience with her caring coaching skills and carved out a new niche as a Legal Coach® (and even trademarked the name!)

Her multi-6 figure business has helped hundreds of heart-centered biz owners get legally covered and exhale with relief as they protect their biz and brand.

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Heather Lienenbrugger
Chief Operating Officer
& Lead Coach

Heather combines her corporate online marketing and strategic planning experience with being a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Business Coach as Creative Marketing Director at

Heather and Lisa have been business BFFs since they met at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and is thrilled to be Lisa’s right-hand gal.

She manages Lisa’s marketing strategy, content creation, affiliate support, launch planning, team leadership, Legal Chats, speaking inquiries and so much more.

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Rachel Gray Carpenter
Online Marketing Specialist

Rachel combines a background in management, social media marketing and graphic design who is thrilled to provide Online Marketing Specialist services for us. 

She is a former music industry maven who is still obsessed with music. She also loves to meditate, dive into self-love, design jewelry, travel and share her love for all these things on her Instagram page. 

Michelle Schweitzer
Accounting & Financial Specialist

Michelle’s experience stems from working in higher ed – admissions, enrollment, and finance – bringing all the systems together in information technology. She also works with several authors as a copyeditor to help ensure their stories are ready to be shared. She brings all this experience to the table as our Accounting & Financial Specialist.

She is a huge music lover and believes that music can change a person’s frame of mind – *Focus on the Good* – It’s Everywhere! Music brings people together and she travels far and wide to join music family at events all over the world.

Kate Jernigan
Graphic Design
& Social Media Support

Kate is one of those unique spirits who excels in both the creative AND the technical. She equally loves art and Chemistry (and also baking for her friends).

She is certified in Photoshop and provides stellar graphic design and social media support services for the team.

Scott Fraley
Digital Marketing Guru
& Husband Extraordinaire

Scott is a Digital Marketing expert who provides the brains behind the scenes when it comes to digital marketing strategy, SEO, VSEO, Google Analytics and all things related to digital media channels.

He has over 15 years of digital marketing experience, including working with Cox Automotive where he repeatedly won Salesperson of the Month, and also managed to bring home the trophy for Salesperson of the Year for the New England region.

He’s also an avid mountain biker, hiker, and fisherman who loves the outdoors – and an incredible husband.

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Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

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