❣️Don’t start the Trademark process without this.

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For some reason, this week a bunch of clients asked me about Trademarking.

Client #1 said: “I have an amazing, unique program name. How do I know if I should Trademark it?”

Client #2 said: “Can I Trademark my logo? Or my tagline? Should I do both? I don’t want anyone else to use them.”

Client #3 said: “I want to file a Trademark, but I’m not sure how the process works.”

They all reached out asking, “Can you help?”

I told them I have a short-but-packed DIY Legal Master Class to help them know if Trademarking is the right move for them.

It tells you WHAT to Trademark, WHEN to Trademark, and HOW to get started.

🤫Here’s a sneak peek inside the Legal Master Class…

I’ve developed a proprietary “3 P Trademark Test” to help you know right away if you should Trademark (without talking with a lawyer like me!)

It’s a list of questions to ask yourself. A speedy self-assessment.

If the answers are “YES” to all “3 Ps” of the “3 P Trademark Test”, then you’ll know you should Trademark your brand.

Ready for the first one?

The first “P” is PASSION.

If you’re thinking about Trademarking something, ask yourself:

😍 Are you passionate about it?
😍 Do you totally love it?
😍 Does it feel like your soul is intertwined with the brand?
😍 Do you have tears well up in your eyes when you think of someone else using it without your permission?

If any/all of the above are true… that’s a “YES!” to the first P of Trademarking!

There are 2 other “Ps” that you’ll learn in the Class.

If you say “YES!” to all 3 in the “3 P Trademark Test”, then you’ll have your answer. It’s definitely a good time to Trademark.

(Um, yes, it’s that easy. You can even do this Legal Master Class at the pool…I promise, it’s quick and low stress!)

Wonder if investing in a Trademark is the right move?

This DIY Legal Master Class is for any coach, practitioner, or business owner who’s built a fabulous brand that you love—and want to protect.

Learn more and get the DIY Legal Master Class on Trademarking here.

Here’s to protecting your brand – and knowing if it’s the right move to Trademark based on the “3 Ps”!

Don’t spend time, money and stress by just guessing. This DIY Legal Master Class helps you Trademark smartly!