😬 Avoid this “uh-oh!”

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True story: Molly, a dermatologist, absolutely loved her in-person practice.

She was the go-to guru for psoriasis, having cracked the code with a magical mix of self-care routines, creams, and dietary tips that transformed her patients’ dry skin into radiant confidence boosters.🧴

Her patients were so thrilled with their results that they started nudging her to hop onto TikTok and share her wisdom with the world.

Molly finally gave in, thinking, “Why not?” and boom—her TikTok following skyrocketed!

Suddenly, she was getting DMs from people all over the world asking for advice.

Riding this wave of excitement, Molly expanded to Instagram and YouTube to connect with more fans.

Then came the plot twist.🥨

One day, she received an email from a state medical board.

They were investigating her for practicing dermatology without a license on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

The board had officially opened an investigation.


🤦 Major facepalm moment.

Molly was flabbergasted.

She hadn’t really thought about the legal pitfalls before jumping into the TikTok universe headfirst. And now she was in a bind.

Are you dreaming of reaching a bigger audience too, but prefer to avoid the whole investigation thing?

start with these 3 legal steps

👉 Start with these 3 legal steps before expanding your reach.

We have easy ways to know what you can say and do legally in our 1-hour DIY Legal Master Classes. They will reduce the risk of being fined or having your practice shut down.

Choose one or do them all. (Note: You can do them anytime, anywhere – perfect for summer! No legal headaches included.)

1. Learn how not to make medical claims – and what to do instead.

In this DIY Master Class, you’ll learn…

– How do I not cross the line into practicing medicine by saying the wrong thing?
– What can I say legally – and what words should I avoid?
– How can I not be accused of making “medical claims” so I don’t get put in Facebook jail?

Click here for more about How Not to Make Medical Claims.

2. Know state nutrition laws for health coaches.

In this DIY Master Class, you’ll learn what so many health coaches (and licensed practitioners who want to open up a coaching practice) want to know:

– What can I say about nutrition & supplements as a health coach?
– How do I not cross over into “practicing dietetics” which can get me in trouble?
– What do I need to know about state nutrition laws so I don’t violate them?

Click here for more about State Nutrition Law Basics for Health Coaches.

3. Understand which laws to follow when you see clients virtually.

In this DIY Master Class, you’ll learn:

– Do I have to follow my state’s laws?
– Or do I follow the laws of the state where my client is located?
– And what if my clients are EVERYWHERE – like all over the world – how do I know which laws to follow then?

Click here for more about Which Laws Do I Follow When I See Clients Virtually?

These DIY Legal Master Classes are the FIRST STEP to knowing how to expand your reach safely. Don’t put yourself in a position to be reported and investigated as a health coach.

Have other questions or need legal help in expanding your reach?

We’re happy to help you right here.

Here’s to moving forward to reach more clients in an online practice… in a legally safe way!