Congratulations on having a Legal Chat
to ask your legal questions!

Please watch the 2-minute video below to learn your next steps
(or you can read the video transcript below.)

I know that sometimes the law can feel scary and overwhelming, but you did a beautiful job in sharing your legal worries and concerns.

I have reviewed your information and I want you to know that my goal is always to help you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to create anything you want in your business.

The reason we hold a free 20-Minute legal Chat as a first step is to try to point you in the right direction for FREE, if we can.

However, sometimes the question you asked requires a more complex answer, as in your case. It’s not easy to just point you to a DIY Legal Template as I need to talk with you further about your questions to gather more in-depth details about your situation and your legal options.

So my recommendation for your next step is for a 1-Hour Power Hour.

The 1-Hour Power Hour is a 1-hour paid phone consultation with me to help you get clear on your Next Steps.

Please know that I value your time and I want to make each minute of your 1-Hour Power Hour count. In advance, know that I will have reviewed your Legal Chat Prep Sheet and the notes from your Legal Chat which will help us make the most of our time together by allowing us to spend more time discussing your legal solutions and not spend time rehashing what you’ve already shared through the Legal Chat process.

It’s important to note that any DIY Legal Templates or services suggested through the Power Hour will be an additional fee.

But, because I am full of Legal Love™, in case you don’t use the full time, you can bank any unused time from your 1-Hour Power Hour to use at a later date!

Your next steps are to:

1. Click the link below to fill out the 1-Hour Power Hour Prep Sheet and complete the checkout process.

2. After that, watch for an email to arrive with a link to my calendar.

You’ll want to book the first available time that works for you since my schedule fills up quickly. I’m not just saying that – it’s actually true.

KUDOS to you for taking steps to get CLEAR on the legal front for your business. I am honored to support you and excited to talk with you soon.

Here’s to getting legally covered!

With Legal Love™,