3 tips to be more visible, vulnerable, & courageous

by | May 7, 2018 | Courage, Podcasts

As a small business owner, half the battle is daring to be seen and heard.


So many entrepreneurs are afraid of being visible online. It can feel vulnerable and it’s hard to find the courage to put yourself out there in a bigger way.

I wish I’d been told that having a business is more than just an outer game. It’s a huge inner game too.


You have to get out of your own way in so many ways, but three big areas have come up for me many, many times over the past several years that have held me back – and I know hold SO many entrepreneurs back too.

Learn 3 tips to be more visible, vulnerable & courageous in Episode 12 on iTunes here. (Don’t have iTunes? Listen through my website here.)

(You’ll also learn how having a strong legal foundation for your business can be one of the BEST ways to feel safe to be visible, vulnerable and courageous.)



In this episode (less that 15 minutes!) you’ll learn:

  • Why having your own business both an inner and outer game  
  • 3 specific tips to be more visible, vulnerable, and courageous   
  • How having a strong legal foundation for your business can help
  • Why I align feeling safe to step up and stop playing small with the root chakra

And be sure to grab your Episode 12 Tip Sheet for bonus info. You can download it HERE.

I believe you’re set free to do your best work and create anything that you want when you get legally covered in a loving way.

There’s a new law taking effect in only 23 days! It will most likely affect your business so here’s the scoop:

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new privacy law  that affects ALL businesses with clients or list members in the EU.

Your Privacy Policy (and a bunch of other things!) must change to meet these new regulations by May 25th.

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Here’s to feeling safe to step up to be more visible – and to getting up to speed about the GDPR!