4 legal tips for selling essential oils

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Essential Oils, MLM Sales, Podcasts

Do you sell essential oils to clients or friends? Maybe you sell doTerra? Young Living? Or another brand you love? Or maybe you use them as part of your practice as an aromatherapist, functional medicine practitioner, holistic health coach, healer or shaman?

Essential oils can be powerful and magical tools for healing. When it comes to selling essential oils, they also can add value to your business.

But, as you share the benefits of essential oils, you want to be sure that you’re staying pure and not crossing lines into making medical claims.

You want to know what WORDS you can and can’t say.
You want to be clear about how much of YOUR OWN STORY you can share.
You want to know where the LEGAL LINES are drawn so you stay safe.

Listen to Episode 21 here to learn 4 legal tips to help you reduce your risk and 5 words to avoid as you share and sell essential oils with clients.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 5 words to avoid using when talking about essential oils.
  • How to share the benefits of essential oils safely.  
  • If you can share your own story and experience with using essential oils.
  • What you can tell people about essential oils that won’t get you into trouble.
  • Why I align safely talking about essential oils with the Root Chakra.

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When you know where the lines are drawn with essential oils, you can feel safe.

As we know, oil and water don’t mix! So don’t get yourself into hot water… listen to this podcast episode instead.

Here’s to taking a deep (aromatic!) inhale and exhaling with ease knowing you’re sharing the benefits of essential oils with others in a SAFE way!