5 must-have terms when you sell online

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Podcasts, Terms of Use

If there’s one thing that my clients tell me it’s that selling your programs, products and courses online can feel scary if you aren’t legally protected.

If you are like they are, you might worry that someone will swipe your course content, ask for a refund, or won’t make their payments on time.

But, how do you protect yourself?

Here’s how: You want purchasers to agree to your sales terms (which I call Terms of Use) when they buy your courses, programs or products online through your website.

You might be thinking, “Great, Lisa! But what are the Terms of Use supposed to say?”

Listen to podcast Episode 22 on iTunes here. In less than 20 minutes you’ll learn 5 must-have sections to include in your Terms of Use.

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You’ll hear:

  • What Terms of Use are
  • 5 key sections to in your Terms of Use
  • What types of programs, products and services you should have Terms of Use for
  • How Terms of Use protect you and give peace of mind
  • When your purchasers should agree to your Terms of Use during your checkout process
  • Why I align Terms of Use with the throat chakra

Be sure to grab your Tip Sheet for this episode HERE – no need to take notes!

Terms of Use are important because they create clarity for you AND for your purchasers which causes fewer misunderstandings, fewer headaches and fewer Legal Pickles™ later.

CLARITY in your Terms of Use equals PEACE OF MIND.

Spell it out now so you don’t have to fight it out later.

Here’s to covering your legal buns for your programs, products or courses that you sell online!