6 key parts to include in Website Disclaimers

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Disclaimers & Waivers, Podcasts, Website Disclaimer

When you’re creating a new website or doing a website rebrand, it can feel scary wondering if you’re saying anything on your website that’s exposing you to risk.

Some people get stuck or hide because they don’t have any legal protections on their website. They don’t put themselves out there because they are afraid – and then their business suffers and sometimes they even close the doors to their dreams.

That’s why if you have a website – or you are launching one soon – you don’t want it to leave you legally exposed.

It is critical to put the most basic form of legal protection up on your website right from the start: Your Website Disclaimer.

What should you say in your Website Disclaimer?

Have a listen to this week’s podcast to learn 6 key parts to have in your Website Disclaimer.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What’s a Website Disclaimer?
  • 2 main reasons to have a Website Disclaimer
  • How your Website Disclaimer protects you (even if people don’t read it)
  • 6 key sections your Website Disclaimer should have
  • Where to put your Website Disclaimer on your website (bonus!)
  • Why I align Website Disclaimers with the Root Chakra

When you put your Website Disclaimer in place, you take an initial step to creating a grounded legal foundation for your business. You give yourself security and safety that you have legal language to fall back on.

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And, get this! Getting your legal documents up on your site can cause a noticeable POSITIVE energetic shift in the way you feel. You feel less afraid. You feel more confident. You stand taller. I like to call that the spiritual side effect of the law.

When you take this first step to legally protect yourself and your website, you feel more clear, confident and secure. I don’t know about you, but those are qualities that I ALWAYS want more of.  

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