7 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid as a Licensed Medical Practitioner

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners

“What’s going on with the telemedicine laws? As a doctor or licensed practitioner, can I work with patients across state lines? Or not? I’m so confused.”

My team and I are hearing so many questions from licensed practitioners about telemedicine laws.

It’s understandable. They changed when COVID hit, and now they are changing back again.

It can be difficult to know what they actually mean for you if you want to expand across state lines.

“How are other licensed medical practitioners doing it?”

Let me tell you, not all of them are doing it SAFELY.

Some are fully aware they’re taking shortcuts. Others are more cautious and don’t want to trash their whole careers.

So what are the 7 legal pitfalls to avoid as a licensed medical practitioner?

Check out my checklist below (my gift to you!)…



7 legal pitfalls checklist:

In my Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners, we cover in depth the 7 legal pitfalls to avoid so you can be clear and add online services in a legally safe way.

These are the areas you need to know about as a smart practitioner so you don’t put yourself at risk:

  1. Your state laws & licensure – Whose laws do you follow?
  2. Making medical claims – What can – and CAN’T – you say and do legally?
  3. Your title & identity – What can you call yourself? What credentials can you share?
  4. Functional medicine – Can you do lab testing & make supplement recommendations?
  5. Combining modalities – Can you combine different areas of expertise?
  6. Working with clients everywhere – How does telemedicine work? What about online coaching? And HIPAA?
  7. Documentation – What kind of legal documents do you need for patients/clients? Can you use the same documents for both?

The Legal Clarity Course spells out what each of these pitfalls means for you in detail. You learn what you CAN do and CAN’T do so you can reduce your risk.

You get the right knowledge so you can make smart decisions and leverage your time and knowledge SAFELY.

So stop listening to the lawyer down the street (who doesn’t really get it) yammer on that you can do “nothing!” across state lines.

You CAN do some things across state lines – but not others. The key is knowing the difference. The Legal Clarity Course spells it out for you.

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If you want to know how to expand your reach as a licensed practitioner to work with more people and bring in more income, don’t wait to learn how to do it correctly.

Don’t put it off and become a needless victim of one of these 7 legal pitfalls.

Protect yourself.

Get legally clear and feel more safe, secure, confident and empowered to take your knowledge to more people.

They need you – and your services – now more than ever.

Enroll here in the Legal Clarity Course and get ready to hop on the first Live Legal Q&A Call this Wednesday. This is a fabulous way to not only learn from your peers’ questions but gain clarity at every step as you expand your reach.

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