A fast way to get legally clear

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Legal Consultation

My team and I offer around 50 free 20-Minute Legal Chats each month (yes 50!).


Because Legal Chats are one of the best and fastest ways we can serve you.

How so?

It’s kinda like going to the doctor for an answer for your health issue.

Here’s an example…

You’ve been in digestive distress, shall we say, for quite a while. You decide you want to consult a doctor or functional medicine practitioner because you can’t figure out why you’re so bloated and backed up.

You may think it’s a simple situation for them to figure out.

The first step is to book an appointment. You fill out their intake form. You share more info about your condition/history.

At the appointment, the doctor/practitioner will ask you a bunch of questions. They know that there are a lot of things that can contribute to digestive distress. They want to get clear about what you’re experiencing.

Based on the info you share and their professional analysis, your doctor/practitioner generally can give you your next steps.

It’s important to note that the doctor or functional medicine practitioner usually won’t get into detail over the phone or email without an appointment.

They need to talk with you before they can give you an “answer” and action steps. They need to dive in deeper. They may need to examine you or run lab tests to make a recommendation.

Legal Chats operate the exact same way.

While we always try to support your questions by email, usually we recommend a Legal Chat.

Why? Because what seems like a straightforward “easy” legal question can be more complex than you think.

We often need to ask clarifying questions and gather more info from you to point you towards your next steps… just like your doctor or functional medicine practitioner does when assessing your digestive distress.

This is why we developed the Legal Chats.

Legal Chats are FREE 20-minute conversations with my team so you can share more info. They aren’t “sales calls”. They aren’t “bait and switch” convos. They’re simply to help us help you… faster.

Here’s how the Legal Chat works:

Step 1. Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat. You’ll share some info about yourself and your situation. Then you’ll select a time that works for you.

Step 2. Hold the Legal Chat. You’ll talk with one of my specially trained Legal Chat Specialists, Tamica or Blue, by phone about your business and situation. You can ask your legal questions. Know that Tamica and Blue bring strong coaching skills, integrity, respect, confidentiality, AND a lot of heart. I really trust them, and you can too.

Step 3. Learn your legal steps. You’ll receive your next steps via email within a few days after Tamica and Blue confer with me. These steps can include a DIY Legal Template, a paid consultation, 1-on-1 legal services, or even working with another lawyer altogether. It just depends on your situation.

After the Legal Chat, you’ll know what steps to take and how to prioritize. You’ll also know how to work with your budget to protect yourself, reduce your risk, and limit your liability.

Easy-peasy. Done.

My whole team prides ourselves on being approachable, inclusive, friendly and full of Legal Love™. You don’t have to feel scared or overwhelmed when talking with us.

Let’s face it, where else can you have a free legal conversation to ask your questions? (Many lawyers charge $400-$500/hour just to ask your questions!)

If you have legal questions, don’t put off getting the answers you need.



Book your free 20-Minute Legal Chat here.

And I can’t hold back from telling you that we love holding Legal Chats! (That’s why we do so many of them.)

Even though we talk with a LOT of peeps, you can usually schedule your Legal Chat within a few days. We know your questions are important and we want to help you get the answers you need…quickly!
If you’ve had a Legal Chat lately, we hope that it was super helpful to you.

If you need one, we can’t wait to talk with you and help you quickly and easily get clear about your next legal steps.

Here’s to getting legally covered!