A new way to get clear on the legal front – from home (coming soon!)

by | Mar 24, 2020 | DIY Legal Master Classes

A quick check in….how are you doing this week? 

My wish is that you are settling into this “new normal” with grace as you stay home in your fuzzy slippers and yoga pants.

I know it may be hard. You may be going a little nutty with cabin fever already. Whatever you are feeling now. It’s okay.

You may be wondering about the future of your biz and wanting to know what you can do to help yourself stay safe as you help clients during this time of uncertainty.

You may be a health coach or holistic practitioner who wants to teach them how to boost their immunity by eating healthy foods or using essential oils.

You may be a direct marketing distributor who wants to help your clients keep earning an income through the sale of products by doTERRA, Arbonne, Beachbody or the like. 

I’m super excited to support you in a new way (very soon!) so you can learn how to feel MORE SAFE and SECURE with EASE.


A brand new DIY way to help you create clarity, reduce risk, and feel a sense of safety around pressing legal issues you struggle with as a coach, practitioner or heart-centered business owner.




I can’t wait to share more. Know that this info is going to be really helpful for your biz – AND for your soul – now more than ever.

Keep watching your e-mail or follow me on social media (On Instagram: @lisa_fraley & on Facebook at /LisaHangerFraley) or more details!! 

Sending you wishes for good health and sooooo much Legal Love!