A’s to your Q’s about the new GDPR privacy law

by | May 9, 2018 | Blog

It’s the latest buzz word: GDPR

What the heck is it – and how does it apply to me, you wonder?

The GDPR law is a complete overhaul of the privacy laws in the European Union.

Gena & I wanted to address some of your questions right here:

Does this law affect me if I’m in the US?

If you have a website – YES!

It applies to you if you have anyone who is a client or on your list (even just one person!) from the EU.

And it doesn’t matter if they are purchasing something from you or if you are only collecting their email… the law still applies to you!

What are the consequences of not following this law?

First off, it’s a LAW.

Basically, if you market to or sell to someone in the EU, you are subjecting yourself to their laws. It’s kind of like having a driver’s license in NY but still having to comply with the driving laws in Florida when you’re on vacation.

Just as though a Florida court can compel you to pay your ticket, so can the EU with an arrangement with the US.

What do I need to do?

This complicated law is now requiring businesses to step up their privacy practices and gain explicit consent from consumers about how people’s information is stored and shared.

And even though this law is targeting the big companies of the world, it’s required that we savvy business owners comply with this new law.

Please don’t fret or worry. We want you to know what steps to take before May 25th and how you can get them done quickly.

My legal wonder twin Gena Shingle Jaffe and I are holding a free GDPR Webinar on Tuesday, May 15 at 2 pm ET – and you’re invited!

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We want to love you up so we’ll be giving an overview of the new GDPR law – and you’ll receive a free GDPR Checklist for your business!


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You’ll get our free GDPR Checklist so you know exactly what steps you need to take.

You’ll also hear how to get an updated Privacy Policy template based on the new GDPR law that you can put in place before May 25th.

My whole goal is to make understanding new laws easy!! (And, of course, delivered with Legal Love.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

I can’t wait to see you on May 15th for the webinar!