Are you using “safe” language on your sales page? Here’s how to know.

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Legal Consultation

If you’re not sure if you’re using “safe” language on your sales page, you’re not alone.

My client Lori came to me with her stomach in knots.

She said she was a health coach with a passion for helping people get off of sugar and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

She was tired of working 1-on-1 with clients and excited to create a self-study program on “How to Lower Your A1C in 4 Weeks” to reach more people.

(I told her I was personally so glad she was creating this type of program since I learned in health coaching school that I’m “sugar-sensitive” myself and I have to be super-conscious to keep my blood sugar levels stable. It takes work!)

But she was stuck.

Lori wasn’t sure if she was using the correct language on her sales page.

She didn’t want to:

  • worry about saying something that could get her in trouble – like making a “medical claim” about diabetes or hyperglycemia.
  • draw attention to herself by saying something too “out there” and being criticized.
  • hold herself back from pressing “publish” on her sales page and actually earning income.

I told Lori that I had a way to help her nervous system relax by knowing her sales page content is “safe.”

It’s my Online Course Review!

relax by knowing your sales page content is safe

The Online Course Review is a 60-minute paid consultation with just you and me, {{firstname}},…to review your sales page, marketing, social media, or course content.

During the Online Course Review, we:

  • reviewed Lori’s sales page
  • identified what language might be risky – and what to say instead
  • reviewed her social media ads for her course
  • answered questions about whether she can talk about A1C, diabetes, hyperglycemia, and blood sugar

(For the record, as a health coach in a state with “green” or non-restrictive dietetics laws, Lori can teach a self-study course about A1C levels and blood sugar stability. She also can teach what diabetes and hypoglycemia are and how food can be a tool for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels – but she can’t tell clients individually how to treat diabetes or hyperglycemia which are specific disease states managed and treated only by licensed health care practitioners.)

After Lori’s Online Course Review, I could hear her breathe a gigantic sigh of relief as the tension melted from her body.

She said she felt ready to confidently launch her self-study course knowing she was saying things on her sales page and social media in a legally safe way.

If YOU are writing a sales page now or creating videos or PDFs for your new course, now would be a good time for an Online Course Review so you too can feel safe, secure and confident like Lori.

Learn more about the Online Course Review here.

Here’s to launching your next online course and pressing “publish” on your sales page without worry!

If you have an existing course but you think it needs a set of legal eyes on it, the Online Course Review is good for “old” courses too…especially if you’re going to re-record them or edit the language in them soon! Find out more here.