Join us today to build your biz AND cover your buns (B-School registration is open!)

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Blog

If you’ve caught my past few e-mails, you’ve heard my legal biz partner Gena Shingle Jaffe and me raving about my experience with Marie Forleo’s B-School training program.

Click here at 1pm ET TODAY to join Gena and me on Facebook Live.We’ll be talking about how B-School can help you build your business (faster!), answering your questions about B-School and AND shedding light on how our legal bonus will help you protect what you’re building.


Did you know that I personally love B-School so much and am such a raving fan that Team Forleo reached out and featured me as a case study? (I know… I was floored too. Ah-mazing!)


B School Case Study.png

The truth is that if you have a business that you want to grow, B-School will help you do it FASTER…. and registration is FINALLY open TODAY.

You can sign up for B-School here starting right now.

In the online world, speed is critical. You can slog along trying to figure things out on your own – which is great if that’s working for you – or you can make an investment in yourself and your business and get to where you want to go faster.

While it can feel scary to invest thousands of dollars in yourself (I know – I’ve felt the same way…many times!), I also know that it’s MORE painful to try to figure out how to build a website, how to grow your list, how to write effective sales pages It’s hard and it’s frustrating and it’s painful.

And, it actually wastes more money (just at a slower rate) because you aren’t getting the tools you need to actually MAKE money in your business. #doublewhammy

Why keep doing that?

Registration for B-School is officially open! Gena Shingle Jaffe and I have been bursting at the seams to let you know that if you choose to sign up through us, you’ll receive your free LEGAL bonus from us (worth $997) – Yay!

Sign up for B-School right here and get our Damsel goes bare LITE legal course for FREE.  (Now THAT takes the (gluten-free) cake!)

Here’s how our bonus differs from everyone else’s…

Our Damsel goes bare™ LITE legal course bonus is one that you actually NEED. #bingo

Yep! As you grow your business, you’ll need to legally protect your INCOME and WEBSITE – from copycats who try to steal your work, from demanding clients asking for refunds, and from people who say they’ll pay you… and then they don’t.

You’ll receive:

1. 4 key legal templates to disclaim your liability, protect your website content and visitors’ privacy, and get your written client contract in place – ALL of which are super-easy to customize for your business:

  • Website Disclaimer
  • Client Agreement/Terms of Purchase for 1:1 Coaching
  • Website Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

2. 4 video legal lessons to walk you through the templates so you know what each template is, why it’s important, and how to personalize it just for you.

Here’s what Stephanie said about receiving Damsel goes bare LITE:


Stephanie Sinagra testimonial.png


The course is valued at $997 – BUT, if you enroll in B-School today, you’ll receive the course for FREE. Yep! That’s right! F.R.E.E. This is the ONLY time Damsel goes bare™ LITE will be offered for FREE.

Ready for B-School? Sign up for B-School & Get Your Legal Bonus here.


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But wait! If it’s not the right time for you to join B-School or you’re already a B-School graduate, don’t worry! You can grab the Damsel goes bare™ LITE course for $997.

Don’t need B-School right now? Get just the Damsel goes bare LITE course here.


Purchase DGB here.png

Gena and I are SO excited to support you in building your business faster and in protecting what you’re working so hard to build!

Gena and I will see you on Facebook Live today at 1pm ET. Bring your questions!

I am a huge fan of Marie Forleo and everything she does, and I will earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link HERE (thank you in advance!) AND you will receive our sparkly and soulful Damsel goes bare™ LITE course for FREE (you’re most welcome!) Everyone wins!