Can a doctor be a “Hashimoto’s Coach” so they can work across state lines?

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Protect Your Practice Package

I’m sitting at my desk looking out at the gorgeous pink-blue sky at sunrise. I’m up earlier today than usual and feeling unusually inspired.

I was thinking about how many people have been working with marketing coaches who have wanted them to niche down so that people can more easily understand who they serve.

In general, this is a great idea…but only if you aren’t niching down to a specific medical disease or condition.

Here’s what I mean… The other day Rustin came to me not sure what to do.

Rustin’s an endocrinologist who helps patients heal from Hashimoto’s.

He really wants to expand his practice and work with patients in other states where he’s not licensed.

His business coach is encouraging him to “just call himself a Hashimoto’s Coach” so he could work across state lines.

Let me tell you, this is a hot topic.🔥

However, it’s not as simple as a yes/no answer.

My team and I walked him through so.many.questions:

1. It’s about your CREDENTIALS…

– What’s your training and background?

– Where are you licensed?

– Have you received additional training as a coach (outside of medicine)?

2. How do you WORK WITH PEOPLE?

– Do you want to work virtually through telehealth or in person appointments?

– Do you want to offer lab testing through Evexia or Rupa Health, for example?

– Do you want to offer supplements through an account with Fullscript?

✅ 3. What is your PASSION?

– Are you passionate about helping people specifically with Hashimoto’s and other endocrine diagnoses?

– Or do you just want to help people with general thyroid and endocrine health?

4. What’s your TITLE?

– Is it important to you to call yourself a “doctor”?

– Or can you let go of that title and be okay with calling yourself a “coach”? (BTW, I’m not saying to let go of your LICENSE – are you comfortable losing the title of “doctor” to work 1-on-1 in states where you’re not licensed?)

See why it’s not as simple as being a doctor/licensed practitioner and just “calling yourself a coach” to reach across state lines?

We knew that Rustin (probably like you!) wanted to “do it right” and not put his medical license in jeopardy.

He reached out because he didn’t want to do anything until he understood all of the legal implications and options.

Based on these answers (and many more, frankly!) Rustin learned what he could and couldn’t do across state lines and how to stay safe. 🦺

Maybe you want to feel that way too?

Legal Love™ Tip: It’s critical to be legally smart when working across state lines.



Bottom line.

It’s not as simple as doing the same thing that your friend is doing… or your mastermind bestie… or a fellow doctor you see online.

Because a lot of these peeps aren’t doing things legally correctly, unfortunately.

It’s critical to get clear about YOUR situation.

So that you know what to do and say to not get in trouble.

If I could offer you my best legal tip it would be this…

Get legally smart. Get answers before you proceed.

Here’s to getting super clear so you can stay SAFE as you expand your reach online!

And get ready to start 2024 feeling legally smart, safe & secure!

Just like Rustin, you can learn what exactly you need to say and do to avoid legal pitfalls like “just calling yourself a Hashimoto’s coach.”

The “Protect Your Practice Package” has your answers.

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And get ready to start 2024 feeling legally smart, safe & secure!