Can I offer lab tests & supplements across state lines?

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Protect Your Practice Package

Every week licensed medical practitioners ask me if they can run labs or order supplements for patients in other states.

They’re tired of insurance.
Tired of slogging so many hours.
Tired of working in a medical office or hospital.
Tired of the conventional medical system.
Tired in general.

They want to use all of their training to serve more people – but in a way that works better for them.

They want to order labs.
They want to offer supplements.
They want to help people heal and feel better.

They’ve heard of doctors just flipping a switch and practicing as a “coach” without changing anything they do.💡

They come with “just a few questions about how to become a coach” – and what they “can and can’t do as a coach.”

What licensed medical practitioners don’t realize is that shifting from medicine to coaching is not as simple as getting answers to “a few legal questions”….

(Believe me, I wish it were!)

But coaching is an entirely different way of doing business – it’s a different profession altogether.

Legal Love™ Tip: It’s not a simple switch to go from medicine to coaching – though it may seem like it is.



Coaching and medicine are very different, including:

– the services you can offer
– what titles you can use
– what education you need
– what the nutrition laws say which affect you
– what personalized advice you can give
– what insurance to use…the list goes on and on.

🤫 And here’s an unfortunate secret about the answers…

✖️ State boards don’t have this information.
(Tried calling them? Then you know they can’t give you legal advice.)

✖️ Your peers don’t have this information.
(You’re probably aware that LOTS of them are doing things that aren’t legal.)

✖️ Other health care lawyers don’t have the information.
(How do I know? Because they actually refer their clients to me.)

That’s why I created the Protect Your Practice Package where I get you the answers you need to breathe a sigh of relief knowing how to move forward in a safe (and smart!) way.

Find out more and enroll in the “Protect Your Practice Package” to join me for our live workshop on February 7th.

Here’s to getting super clear about medicine v. coaching and getting REAL answers so you can reduce your risk of investigations and expand your reach online!

I want you to know how to LEGALLY work across state lines so you can:

✅ reduce your risk of investigations and lawsuits
✅ leverage your knowledge & expertise
✅ expand your reach to help more people
✅ make more money

The Protect Your Practice Package can help you learn what you need to know in a fast, efficient way.

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