Can you just call yourself a “coach” and work across state lines?

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Protect Your Practice Package

Right now, sooo many licensed practitioners want to shift the way they practice.

They see others online just calling themselves a “coach” and working with clients everywhere – and  they want to do it too. 

They come to me and say:

“I have a unique method of working with diabetes patients. Now people from other states are reaching out to me and I want to help them too. Can I just call myself a coach and work with people outside of my state?”

And I have to tell them – lovingly, of course: “No, you can’t just call yourself a coach to skirt the licensure requirements and practice medicine across state lines.”🫣

What I teach them is that… 

✅ Coaching is an entirely different WAY OF DOING BUSINESS  than practicing medicine.

✅ Coaching is actually an entirely different PROFESSION from medicine.

✅ Coaching is not just medicine DRESSED UP in a “coach” costume (like it’s Halloween – boo!🎃)

It’s time to debunk the myth that you can just “call yourself a coach” to work across state lines.



Myth: Licensed medical practitioners can just use the title of “coach” to work across state lines.


A decade ago, it may have been more acceptable to “just call yourself a coach”, but now it’s much more precarious. 

Simply using the title of “coach” and then practicing medicine across state lines won’t protect you. At all.❌

This may surprise you but it isn’t even enough to simply use a medical disclaimer which says “I’m a coach; I’m not practicing medicine.” (You need to take other steps also.)

You could violate licensure laws or draw unwanted attention to yourself – a risky mistake! 

I’ve been getting questions about “coaching” versus “medicine” for the past several years.

I’ve FINALLY created a deep dive fast-track for you to get you the info you need to reach more people – in a legal way – called the “Protect Your Practice Package.”

We’ll be talking about everything from what title you can use to what courses/offers you can make across state lines safely – and how to avoid the 7 biggest legal pitfalls. It’s a one-stop shop to dig in and dig deep and get all of the info in one place.

The “Protect Your Practice Package” is the smart path to reduce your risk on the legal front to SAFELY leverage your knowledge online. Find out more here.

It’s for YOU if you’re a licensed medical practitioner, functional medicine practitioner or health coach who wants to expand online – and not put yourself, your business, or your family at risk.

🤫And here’s a secret about “Protect Your Practice”…

✖️ State boards don’t have this information.
(Tried calling them? Then you know they can’t give you legal advice.)

✖️ Your peers don’t have this information.
(You’re probably aware that lots of them are doing things that aren’t legal.)

✖️ Other health care lawyers don’t have the information.
(How do I know? Because they refer their clients to me.)

But YOU can breathe a sigh of relief because you can get the answers you need right here in “Protect Your Practice”.

If you’re on the fence, don’t wait…

Now is the time to join us and get super clear about “medicine” v. “coaching” so you can get organized these last few months of the year and launch your new program/course in January in a legally-aligned way.✨

The “Protect Your Practice” LIVE workshop is coming up next week on Wednesday, November 1. (But don’t worry, it will be recorded.)

Get clarity and confidence now so you can stay out of trouble later.

Like Family Nurse Practitioner Shabana did:



Join me for “Protect Your Practice” to stop feeling confused and start expanding your reach and income with legal ease.💸

Here’s to feeling legally clear as you expand your reach online! 

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