Carolin Soldo on hiring a team & hosting live events

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Events & Retreats, Hiring a Team, Podcasts

Have you been thinking about hiring a team?

Hosting a live event?

Wondering how to do that based on visualization and values-based planning?

I sat down with business coach Carolin Soldo prior to her large live event in September called “From Passion to Profits”at the Loews Hollywood hotel steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In this episode, we talked about how to plan an event so you feel safe, secure and excited using the power of visualization – and how to be sure you are surrounded by team members who are A-players and who share your values.

If you don’t know Carolin, she has helped build numerous multi-7 figure businesses, including her own international coaching company. Her clients have left their jobs, become their own bosses, and most importantly do the work they love every day.

Tune in to learn how using visualization and values-based planning can support your business growth, your events and your team.

Listen to Carolin and me talk about the impact of visualization and values-based planning when it comes to hiring a team and planning a large scale event on iTunes here.

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In this episode Carolin and I share:

  • The impact of visualization and feeling safe, grounded, and excited
  • How understanding what you DON’T want helps you know what you do want
  • How having your business legally protected honors your business and employees
  • Why Carolin believes in hiring “A-players” and has a value-based hiring process
  • The difference in hiring a team of contractors vs. employees
  • Why Carolin uses the DiSC Profile and video submissions in the hiring process
  • The importance of knowing your why for the work you do
  • When and how Carolin knew it was time to start using legal documents for her business
  • How establishing legal protection helps you to show up more fully
  • Carolin’s “From Passion to Profits Live Event” and free Coaching Business Success Guide

We know you’re busy so it’s less than 30 minutes long – short and sweet!

Listen to the Legally Enlightened podcast Episode #42 for my interview with Carolin here.

Here’s to hiring a team and planning a big event based on vision and values!