Facebook Live TODAY: How B-School brought out our collaboration instead of competition

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Blog

Let’s face it. We entrepreneurial types can sit behind our computers all day, browse Facebook and Instagram, and watch what everyone else does. Sometimes it can make us feel “less-than”. Sometimes it can make us feel jealous. Sometimes it can make us feel competitive.

It’s really easy to get caught up in trying to keep up. It’s easy to let the online world bring out our inner gremlin or the insecure side of us. I’ve been there – and I still feel that way sometimes even now.

That’s why it was such a refreshing surprise to meet another lawyer in the online space who I felt instant kinship with – and not competition.

When I signed up for B-School 5 years ago, I had NO CLUE that I would meet Gena Shingle Jaffe and that we would join together as biz collaborators in ways that bring out the BEST in both of us and not our worst as competitors.

Gena and I are hopping on Facebook Live TODAY at 1 pm ET. We’ll be sharing:

  • The crazy story of how B-School brought us together
  • 3 things B-School taught us that empowered us to create six figure launches that could help you too
  • How someone in your same industry could become your new best friend or future business partner

Join us for a Facebook Live TODAY at 1 pm ET on my Facebook page right here.


And, just a heads up that the B-School cart is opening in just 4 days – on February 20!

Stay tuned next week to hear about our B-School legal bonus that is so good it should be illegal!  (Ha!)

When you invest in B-School, which is the best business-building course on the planet (IMHO), you’ll get a HUGE legal bonus from Gena Shingle Jaffe and me absolutely free!


What’s the B-School bonus we’re giving away for free? Watch your e-mail for details.

We can’t wait to share more with you next week!


I fully believe in the power of B-School given my personal experience with the B-School course, community and experience, and in full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you sign up for B-School through me, but you should know that this course is AMAZING and I wouldn’t promote it unless I fully believed in it. Promise.