already have a contract and you need to have it reviewed?

what is it?

You can have your contract reviewed by a legal set of eyes to let you know if your bases are covered, if there are any gaps and if revisions are needed to bring it up to speed.

why do you need it?

Contracts and agreements protect you in PRACTICAL ways with written legal language to fall back on, AND SPIRITUALLY it supports your sacral chakra by raising your energetic frequency to attract more of what you want and EXPANDING your money, creativity, and abundance.

what’s included?

Ready to have us review your contract?

Your Contract Review Package includes:

  • E-mail feedback of your contract
  • E-mail answers to your questions

(Please note that revising your contract could end up costing you MORE because typically it takes longer to review a contract, identify any missing language, and then propose revisions.

If a quote for revisions is provided, it will be based on the amount of work to be done. Little work = small quote. Bigger work = bigger quote. Fair and logical, right?

Sometimes you are better off starting over from scratch OR using a DIY Legal Template. And, if needed, Lisa may also refer you to another attorney.)

the investment?

1 payment of $497

or 2 payments of $257

“I feel safer and more secure in my business now more than ever before.”

Lisa breaks down the legal language in a way you can understand and she is very thorough in her approach.

I was worried the legal language would be harsh for my clients to read. Lisa understood and she made adjustments so I was comfortable with the language, but kept me protected. She has a warm personal approach and worked in the best interest of my business. The legal documents helped me branch out into other business projects without fear.

Alexis Logan

Alexis Logan

Master Healer & Coach

“I feel so clear, and safe and protected and so do my clients. I can now rest and focus on helping others knowing I am protected.”

I didn’t realize how much I was worrying about things until Lisa and I completed my disclaimer and agreement and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Lisa is a one-of-a-kind and above all else she’s gorgeous and kind and caring. What a woman/service. You can’t put a price on this, and Lisa helped me make this affordable with her kind payment plans too. Thank you so much Lisa for all you do. Love your work!

Alexis Logan

Leanne Marie Ball

Eating & Mindset Mentor