Copyright 101 & when to use the “little C”

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Podcasts, Trademark & Copyright

You may not know it, but copyright principles apply to EVERYTHING you do as an online entrepreneur or small business owner.

That includes social media, blog posts, e-books, books, program materials, course handouts, emails, website content, sales pages…you name it!

Copyright can seem confusing.

You may be unsure what Copyright even is or when to use the little Copyright symbol.

Want to learn the basics about Copyright in a way that’s short and to the point – and easy to understand?

Listen to podcast Episode 29 on iTunes HERE to learn everything you need to know about Copyright 101 – and you’ll even learn when and where you can use the “Little C” Copyright symbol to honor your work.

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In this 20-minute episode, you’ll get clear about:

  • What Copyright rights are – and when you can claim them
  • When your Copyright rights REALLY begin
  • When to use the “Little C” Copyright symbol
  • Whether you HAVE to use the “Little C” to protect your work
  • How to handle Copyright infringement
  • What a DMCA Takedown Notice is and how it can help you
  • The benefits of filing a Copyright with the US Copyright Office
  • How to correctly write the Copyright symbol
  • Why Lisa associates Copyright with the throat chakra

Be sure to grab your Tip Sheet for this episode HERE – no need to take notes!

Understanding your Copyright rights gives you power.

Grab your headphones and listen to Episode 29 here.