Did you know that when you create
something that’s an original work,
you can file for registered copyright rights
just by virtue of creating it?

what is a copyright?

Copyright rights are intellectual property rights granted by law to show you are the AUTHOR and rightful OWNER of an original creative work.

You can copyright things you create like:

  • Books / e-books
  • Program guides
  • Proprietary methodologies (put in print, audio or video)
  • Program or course videos
  • You Tube or marketing videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Podcast recordings, downloads, and scripts
  • PDFs and course handouts
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Screenplays
  • Software
  • and more!

Registered Copyright rights allow you to say “I wrote this. I created this. This is my idea.”

The Copyright process usually takes 3-6 months.

Copyright rights last for the author’s lifetime plus 70 years.

Copyright is used for works that are “tangible” and “fixed” – meaning that you’ve expressed the idea in writing, digitally, video, audio, etc. and you aren’t going to change or edit in the near future. Whatever you Copyright protects it exactly as is.

What you Copyright doesn’t have to be for sale, but it does have to be distributed or available to the public. (In other words, it can’t just be sitting in your laptop or computer.)

why do you need it?

Registered Copyrights give you the exclusive right to use, reproduce, duplicate, distribute, display, transfer, and sell what you created.

They also allow you to go after other people if they copy or steal your copyrighted work without your permission.

The benefits to filing with the US Copyright Office are:

Heart BulletIt establishes that you are the rightful owner – so you can stop others who try to claim that they are the original owner.

Heart BulletIt allows you to bring a lawsuit in federal court for Copyright infringement in violation of the US Copyright statute – so you can also seek more money (statutory damages) and payment of attorney’s fees.

Heart BulletIt allows you to record the Copyright registration with the US Customs Office – so you can prevent infringing copies or bootlegs of your work from coming into the US. (Scammers copy people’s work more now than ever!)

Not only do you have certain legal rights, but spiritually, Copyright is a crowning achievement that gives you peace and calm knowing your work is protected, which supports your crown chakra.

what’s included?

The Copyright Package includes:


  • Copyright Prep Sheet – You receive questions to establish that you’re the original owner of the original work you’ve created.
  • 30-Minute Copyright Prep Call– One-on-one with Lisa to discuss the Copyright Prep Sheet and answer any questions.
  • Copyright Filing with the US Copyright Office – Preparation and filing of your Copyright Application and submitting the required information for your original work.
  • Government Fees – all Copyright fees are included
  • All Communication with the US Copyright Office – Correspondence with the government throughout the process – you don’t have to lift a finger!
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Copyright Application Progress – Ongoing monitoring of the Application throughout the entire process.
  • Copyright Registration Certificate – Written certificate and confirmation of your Copyright registration.
(The Copyright Application is filed for potential Copyright protection in the United States only.)

the investment?

 one payment of $897

two payments of $457

“Now that I have everything in place I feel relieved, confident and able to focus on other areas of my business.”

I understand the value of not having your legal ducks in a row. Not having mine done was constantly nagging at me. Now that I have everything in place I feel relieved, confident and able to focus on other areas of my business.

Gina Gomez

Business Strategist, Advisor & Owner of Gina Gomez & Associates

“Because of Lisa’s approach and skills I now feel fully protected and secure about sharing my work with the world.”

I had been putting off the legal side of things since I started my business. But, I started worrying about whether my work was safe from copycats or being shared without my permission. I now feel fully protected and secure about sharing my work with the world.

Lisa is a legal angel and I cannot recommend her enough!

Sherold Barr

Master Life Coach & Entrepreneur

“Knowing I’m legally covered because of Lisa’s guidance has changed everything for me.”

Before I got legally covered by Lisa, I was a professional Psychic Medium, doing Ask a Medium shows and taking private clients. I felt nervous, unsure of how to put myself out in the world, though I was trying to.
After working with Lisa, I opened my private Mentorship Program, launched the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, wrote a book and developed a gorgeous website with all of the legal documents in place.

Knowing I’m legally covered because of Lisa’s guidance has changed everything for me. Her knowledge, smart wit, and certainty about the law has given me the confidence and the freedom to do my work in the world with an open heart.

Kate St. Clair

Psychic Medium/Spiritual Consultant

“Thanks for Copyrighting my work.”

I truly appreciate you and your incredible team, Lisa. The legal part of returning to the work I love creating has been the easiest part of setting up my business.

Beth Schindele

Author & Founder of CreativEdge Digital Solutions

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