Cover your buns when you speak on stage

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Podcasts, Speaker Agreement

I remember walking out onto the stage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas at Carolin Soldo’s “From Passion to Profits” Event a few months ago. My palms were sweaty and I could feel my heartbeat quickening. I have spoken on stage at least 100 times over the years, so I am a seasoned speaker… but this time felt different.

It was a huge stage.

It was Las Vegas.


You know, the same Bellagio as Oceans 11. Where George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and my beloved Matt Damon filmed their iconic movie (no, Matt doesn’t know I have a #supercrush on him – but don’t worry, my husband knows.)

Yes, THAT Bellagio.

There’s something that happens when we speak on stage – especially a BIGGER stage than we have ever spoken on in our lives. It’s like you can feel the energy rise, the vibe expand, the reach of your words goes farther and deeper than they ever have before.

It’s astounding that I could step onto that stage and actually deliver my talk with ease.

You probably already know that the fear of public speaking is the #1 biggest fear of most people.

It’s even tops fear of heights, bugs, snakes, drowning, blood, needles, and flying!

The Washington Post said that 25.3% of the population fears speaking before a crowd. That’s a LOT of people!

If you’re someone who’s thinking of speaking on stage but you’re a little afraid, don’t worry – you’re in good company.

Speaking on stage can be scary for sure. But, public speaking – like everything else – is merely a muscle that you flex. You get better by doing it over and over again.

But when you’re a speaker, there are OTHER things that can make your palms sweat too – like ALL of the event logistics BEFORE, DURING and AFTER you speak.

I’ve devoted this week’s podcast episode (less than 15 minutes!) to helping you get a grip on the event details – legally-speaking! – so you don’t have to stress about them, and you can save your butterflies for taking the stage itself.

Listen to the basics about how to cover your buns while speaking on stage in Episode 8 on iTunes here. Don’t have iTunes? Listen through my website here.

(Here I am speaking on stage at Carolin Soldo’s event at the Bellagio!)



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is a Speaker Agreement?
  • What should be covered in your Speaker Agreement (and why)
  • 3 ways that a Speaker Agreement supports you
  • How to protect YOUR original content during a speech
  • Who owns what after the presentation is over?
  • Why I align speaking agreements with the sacral chakra

And be sure to grab your Speaker Agreement Tip Sheet for bonus info. You can download it HERE.

I believe you’re set free to do your best work and create anything that you want when you get legally covered in a loving way.

Learn more about how to get a Speaker Agreement in place here.

Here’s to getting covered when you speak on stage!