Debunking the myth of “disease coaching”

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Protect Your Practice Package

My team and I get questions every week from holistic practitioners who want to help people with certain diseases or conditions.

They come to us and say:

“I overcame my Hashimotos using food and lifestyle changes, and now I want to help other people do the same.” 

“I’m helping manage my daughter’s autism with a specific diet – and now I want to create a program to help other parents of kids on the spectrum.”

“I’m passionate about helping people lower their A1-C and diabetes risk – I can call myself a Diabetes Coach, right?”

This can be tricky though… Working with specific diseases when you’re not a licensed practitioner can be a RED FLAG. 🛑

It’s time to debunk the myth of “disease coaching.”

Myth: Coaches can help clients “overcome diseases.”




While lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on health, coaches can run into issues with making medical claims (health claims) when helping clients with specific diseases.

Only licensed medical practitioners can diagnose, treat, prevent, heal or manage specific medical diseases, conditions or issues. Coaches can’t. 

So what CAN coaches do?

Coaches can teach healthy lifestyles and help people move towards greater or optimal health. 

But coaches can’t offer programs or services to heal diseases specifically.

I know…that one might come as a surprise to you. 🙀

Especially if you’ve been working with a marketing coach who is telling you to “niche down” and “talk directly to your avatar.”

Marketing coaches mean well – and they’re good at what they do… It’s just that sometimes they don’t know the law. They don’t know that you CAN’T niche down to say on your website  that “I’m a ___________ Coach who can help you reverse your __________.” (<—- fill in the blanks with a specific disease.)

This isn’t legal. It’s a bummer, I know.😢

There ARE lots of legal ways that coaches CAN help people heal themselves from their own diseases, however. You just have to know how to do it legally.

You have to know what to say – and NOT say – and how to shift your mindset… and likely shift the language in your program or website. #lotsofshifts

There are soooooo many questions like this one that you need to get clarity around before you dive into creating your next program, website or podcast.

That’s exactly why I created the “Protect Your Practice Package”.

This package is for licensed medical practitioners, functional medicine practitioners and health coaches who want to expand their reach in the online space.

It’s designed to help you walk away feeling clear and confident so you:

  • understand which services and programs you can legally offer to expand your reach safely.
  • know the right legal documents to use to save you time, stress and struggle.
  • have a legal framework to work across state lines with more people in the country – or even the world (including addressing functional medicine and health coaching).
  • create a profitable business profile with the services and courses which are most aligned for you.
  • understand in an efficient way how to reduce your risk and protect your license.
  • banish fear and doubt that may arise as you expand and grow.
  • feel inspired and excited that you can do this.
  • come together with others like you who want to help more people – so you’re not alone.
  • trust you’ve saved time and money by learning months of legal information in a stress-free, easy, speedy way.
  • have 1-on-1 support from me to get your specific questions answered.

If you’re ready to spread your wings to reach more people but want to stay out of the weeds of “disease coaching” and other pitfalls…

Here’s how to get answers to your legal questions about “medicine” versus “coaching”:

Learn more and enroll in the “Protect Your Practice Package” here.

Physical Therapist and Women’s Spiritual Coach Megan came to me not too long ago because she needed these same answers too.

She had a typical PT practice but wanted to use her additional gifts in the spiritual realm. But she wasn’t sure how to do that.

She got clear so she could move forward – without threatening her PT license – and now she feels more “confident” and “aligned”…which was our goal! 🥅🙌🏆



And Shelly was in a similar predicament…

She is a functional wellness practitioner who also is a licensed practitioner – and on top of that, she and her husband run an organic farm! 🧑‍🌾

She wanted to EXPAND her functional work – but not run afoul of her licensure. She talked with a local attorney… who had NO IDEA 🤷 what she was talking about – and he referred her to us! 🎯



You too can learn what exactly you need to say and do to not get yourself into hot water or fall into legal pitfalls like “disease coaching.”

“Protect Your Practice” can help. Find out more here.

Here’s to getting super clear about the legalities of “medicine” versus “coaching” so you can stay SAFE and feel CONFIDENT as you expand your reach online!

Questions about “Protect Your Practice Package” and whether it’s right for you before you invest in it? Comment below with your questions. We can help you get clear.