Have a biz name, program name, tagline or logo

that you might want to trademark?

Wondering if it’s the right thing to trademark?

Not sure if it’s the right time to do it?

This DIY Package can help!

what is the “is my brand trademark-worthy” DIY package?

This Is My Brand Trademark-Worthy? DIY Package takes you through the “3 P” Trademark Test so immediately you’ll have your answer!

why do you need it?

If you are passionate and concerned about someone else snagging your name, or coming up with the same name, trademarking is completely worth it to protect your brand, intellectual property and creative work. Hands down.

When you Trademark your unique name, logo or tagline, not only do you gain certain legal rights in PRACTICAL ways, but SPIRITUALLY, your crowning achievement gives you peace and calm which supports your crown chakra.

what’s included?

The Is My Brand Trademark-Worthy? DIY Package includes:

  • Trademark Self-Assessment template so you’ll immediately have your answer as to whether it’s the right time to trademark your brand.
  • An Audio Guide to walk you through the Self-Assessment. You fill in the blanks and it’s ready to use! In just 1 hour, you learn:

Heart BulletThe “3 P” Trademark Test

Heart BulletWhether your idea passes all 3 Ps so you know it’s the right time to Trademark it!

Heart BulletYour Next Steps in the Trademarking process

This DIY package is designed to give you a checklist which serves as a self-assessment. Know that it won’t create an attorney-client relationship between us and it is not personalized legal advice, but it’s an easy way to understand the Trademark process… with lots of Legal Love™!

can I really do it myself?

Yes, you can! Every DIY legal template is written in plain English and can be completed in 60 minutes or less.

Listen to the audio guide and follow along as I read the document aloud, and you’ll easily see where to fill in the blanks for your business.

the DIY investment?

 one payment of $197

Important Note:
Please note that DIY package is designed to give you a checklist which serves as a self-assessment. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not to be construed as legal advice. Always have a local attorney review any legal document that you use in your business to be sure they comply with your state and local laws. Lisa is licensed as an attorney in the State of Ohio.

“Lisa went above and beyond to help me to consider all avenues before trademarking my business name/logo.”

She genuinely cares about helping her clients in the best way possible. I would definitely highly recommend her to anyone needing her services!

Andrea McCarthy

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

“Having Lisa on your team is like having a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder keeping your business legally covered all the time.”

I lucked onto Lisa when someone was threatening to squat on my trademark. Lisa was super professional and made me feel very secure every step of the way.

Shanti Hodges

Founder of Hike it Baby

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