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Now you can share DIY Legal Templates and DIY legal master classes with your clients
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I’ve created easy, quick DIY Legal Templates and DIY Legal Master Classes that you can share with your clients
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If you know your peeps need legal docs or information ASAP without having to break their piggy bank,
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Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Legal Love™ Team Commission – so you get 25% of each DIY Legal Template or DIY Legal Master Class purchase.The DIY products range from $97 – $397. Super-affordable for budgets of all sizes.
  • Different Links for Each DIY Product – so you can promote some or all!
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  • Swipe copy, images and more – so you don’t have to draft anything yourself.
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And, because I LOVE you, as a special BONUS for YOU, you can use your OWN Legal Love™ Team link to sign up for DIY Legal Templates or DIY Legal Master Classes for YOURSELF and receive commission on your own purchase! Ooooh! I love doing this. It makes me so happy! #legallove  

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Please note: If you are already part of the Legal Love™ Team for go bare™ now,
you’re in luck because you are ALREADY signed up to be part of the Legal Love™ Team for DIY Legal Templates and now DIY Legal Master Classes.


 Just log into Simplero here for all the details about the DIY Legal Templates and DIY Legal Master Classes! 

THANK YOU for the work that you do guiding and leading other coaches to create businesses they love and for sharing with them how to legally protect and support their work.
You are such a good example for them in shining the way!

Here’s to YOU for helping your tribe get legally covered to protect themselves, their biz and their brand!