Do you really need insurance?

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Insurance

Several times a week, my team and I get questions about insurance, such as:

Do I really need insurance?
Is it really even necessary for what I do?
What kind of insurance do I need?
How much coverage should I get?
How much does a typical policy cost?

Even though I’m not an insurance agent, I want you to know the basics about insurance.

And I have a LOT of information to help you.

That’s why I’m creating a brand new DIY Legal Master Class (coming next week!) on “Insurance Basics.”



This virtual DIY Legal Master Class will help you understand the Top 10 FAQs about insurance.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • If you even NEED insurance at all.
  • If so, what KIND of insurance to get.
  • How MUCH you need to spend on a policy.
  • How much COVERAGE you actually need in your policy.
  • WHEN the right time is to get insurance.
  • What the different TYPES of insurance are that you might need – and when.
  • WHERE to get the right insurance for you (and my fave insurance company I recommend to my clients all the time!)

Not sure if you need insurance?

Maybe you have some, but aren’t sure you’re fully covered?

Watch right here next Monday 9/19 to get all the deets on this brand new info-packed DIY Legal Master Class!

Here’s to feeling empowered and covered when it comes to insurance!