Don’t end up with a legal mullet. 💇

by | Apr 3, 2024 | DIY Legal Templates

A client told me recently…

“I’ve talked to 6 lawyers so far, including several family friends who are lawyers, but NONE of them are familiar with health coaching. I’ve also talked to Board and certified coaches and they don’t know the answers to my legal questions either. I’m sooooo glad I found you!”

I said, “Are you kidding me? 6 lawyers! I’m so sorry. That’s incredibly frustrating.”

You’d be surprised how many times clients tell me they have trouble finding lawyers who get what they do. They give up looking and then hear about me from a friend or their coach and come to me and ask:

❓”I whipped up my own Website Disclaimer. Am I good to go?”

❓”I copied a Client Agreement I found on the web. Does that count?”

❓”My business coach didn’t bother with a contract. Do I really need one?”

And just like in that spine-tingling Jordan Peele movie, my response is a resounding “Nope!”

Why, you ask?

Well, let’s unpack it:

💰 First off, let’s talk money. Without a clear refund policy, you might find yourself hemorrhaging cash, forced to refund clients even when you want to say “no.”

✂️ Second, imagine editing legal documents like giving yourself a DIY haircut. You might end up with a legal mullet when you were aiming for a sleek bob. Not a good look,eh?

😸 Third, beware of copycats! Without the right intellectual property language, your content could be swiped faster than you can say “cease and desist.” (I’ve seen this too many times to count. Even today a seasoned coach came to me because part of her website was copied word for word. It breaks my heart every time.💔)

Don’t beat yourself up for the past in trying to do the best you can.

But don’t put off getting your legal documents in order so you can actually protect yourself.

✴️ If you’re just starting out – it’s not too early.

✴️ If it’s been on your “to do” list for a while – it’s not too late.

✴️ Just like Goldilocks – now is the perfect time to cover your tail.

You’ll be surprised at how safe, secure and confident you’ll feel once you’ve taken the right steps to protect your income, brand and biz… now that you’ve found a lawyer who gets you! 😊

I’ve made it super-easy for you.

The “go bare now™” legal course gives you your legal docs and ALL the extra bonuses in a one-stop shop, created by an attorney who gets what you do.



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Here’s to finding the right lawyer and not leaving yourself exposed – and to getting legally covered!

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