Don’t get accused of practicing medicine without a license. Here’s how.

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Protect Your Practice Package

Right now, sooo many licensed practitioners want to shift the way they practice.

👀 They see others crossing state lines and working with patients in states where they’re not licensed.

👀 They see others calling themselves a “coach” and working with clients online.

👀They see others using disclaimers to say “I’m not practicing medicine” and they think they’re protected.

This may surprise you but these things aren’t legit.

For example…

❌ You don’t want to be a doctor who simply uses a medical disclaimer which says “I’m a coach, I’m not practicing medicine” and then practices medicine across state lines.

❌ You don’t want to violate licensure laws or draw unwanted attention to yourself. (Risky mistake!)

Legal Love™ Tip: Simply using the title of “coach” and then practicing medicine across state lines won’t protect you. At all.



So how do you know what to do legally?

The key is understanding the difference between coaching versus medicine.

✅ Coaching is an entirely different WAY OF DOING BUSINESS than practicing medicine.

✅ Coaching is actually an entirely different PROFESSION from medicine.

✅ Coaching is not just medicine DRESSED UP in a “coach” costume. 👻

There’s actually soooo much you need to know if you’re licensed and you want to practice across state lines. There are ways to do much of what you want to do, but you need to do it legally and correctly.

That’s why I host a live workshop as part of my Protect Your Practice Package (enrolling now!) where I explain all of this in great detail – so you can get the answers you need and breathe a sigh of relief knowing how to move forward in a safe way.

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Here’s to getting answers so you can feel legally clear as you expand your reach online!

The Protect Your Practice package is for YOU if you’re a licensed medical practitioner, functional medicine practitioner or health coach who wants to expand online – and not put your license, your business, or your family at risk.

You’ll learn everything from what TITLE you can use to what SERVICES you can offer across state lines legally – and how to avoid the 7 BIGGEST LEGAL PITFALLS to stay safe.

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