Don’t get into hot water with making these claims about the Coronavirus

by | Mar 30, 2020 | DIY Legal Master Classes

Some people are tired of hearing about Coronavirus and others can’t get enough of daily updates. (Me? I like “daily updates” because I like having information. Information is powerful – and right now, it’s super-important for making choices to reduce risk of exposure.) How about you?

If you’re a health coach or holistic practitioner, how you talk about Coronavirus and your health and wellness services with clients is important.

Legal Love™ Tip: Be careful about what you say (and how you say things) so you don’t make medical claims. 

What’s a “medical claim”?

For example, I’ve heard a health coach say recently “If you take oil of oregano, it will keep you from getting Coronavirus.” 

And while oil of oregano can be helpful to support good health, did you know that you can’t say that it “will keep you from getting Coronavirus”? 

What can you say instead? Try this:

  1. “Studies have shown that oil of oregano can boost your immunity.” (Be sure to have an article from a doctor, medical journal, or scientific research to back that up.)

  2. “Oil of oregano may have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory benefits which can be a boost to your immunity.” (The key here is using the word “may”.)

If you want more examples about how not to make medical claims, I’ve created a new quick & easy do-it-from-home DIY Master Class.

I’ve wanted to create a series of online Master Classes for a while and this is the first one. (Clearly, divine intervention was at work because this one was first on my list and it’s more relevant than ever with this season of Coronavirus.)

This online DIY Master Class will help you know what to say to promote your programs aimed at keeping people healthy without getting into trouble. You’ll learn:

  • What’s considered a “medical claim” or “disease claim” (so you don’t make them!)
  • How to reduce your risk of being investigated for practicing medicine without a license or violating FDA regulations
  • 5 legal tips on what to do and say instead with examples which you can use in your own business (<– my favorite part!)

Learn more and register HERE. 

The DIY Master Class is an easy way to learn how to cover your legal buns – even while in your jammies. It’s accessible online 24/7!

Sending so much love to you and your beloveds during this crazy time…