Don’t make this mistake with your affiliates

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Affiliates

Annnnnnd here’s why if you’re a biz owner or influencer, you ALWAYS want to disclose paid promotions or affiliate relationships – and make it OBVIOUS….????

You may have seen in the media a few weeks ago that the SEC made an example of Kim Kardashian for failing to OVERTLY disclose that she was being paid to promote crypto. ????



(By the way, the SEC said that solely using the hashtag #ad in the post was not sufficient disclosure of her relationship with EthereumMax.) ❌

KK had to pay a hefty fine.????

(Yep, they made an example out of her.)????

Crypto has had a rough time as of late for sure.

But, before you think you’re “too small” of a biz compared to KK for the SEC to be watching over your shoulder, you can never be too sure – or too safe.⚖️



Legal Love™ Tip: Always disclose paid promotions or affiliate relationships in an obvious way.

If you’re posting a product or service you love and you’re receiving any kind of compensation (including payment, free gifts or discounts), you must spell it out clearly in an affiliate disclosure: ????

1. Be sure that you include the affiliate disclosure next to/near the promo on social media or on your website. It can’t be far away in the footer or on another page… or solely using #ad. ⚠️

2. The disclosure needs to be conspicuous – which means it cannot be in a teeny tiny font that’s hard to read. ????

3. If you’re promoting something on your website, be sure to include a full affiliate disclosure in your website terms (like the language in my DIY Website Disclaimer).????

4. If you aren’t sure which words to use in the disclosure, have a quick listen to my Legally Enlightened podcast episode #73 called “Answers About Affiliates”… I tell you exactly what to say. ????

This is an opportunity to learn from KK’s mistake and tighten things up in your OWN biz with your OWN affiliate promos.✅

Questions about disclosing affiliate relationships? Just hit reply and we’re happy to help.

Here’s to not getting in trouble when you’re promoting other people’s stuff!