Don’t stay in overwhelm. Talk to us to gain legal clarity.

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Legal Consultation

Let’s say…

You’ve got your business idea.
You’ve built your website.
You have a business coach.
You’ve started to see clients.
You know you need to get legally covered, and that I can probably help you. (That’s why you’re here – and I love you for that!)

You hop on my website at and look at the over 50 DIY Legal Templates, DIY Legal Master Classes and 1-on-1 services and then…

Your eyes glaze over.
You get totally overwhelmed.
You don’t know what you need with the legal stuff.
You don’t know where to even begin.
You eat a piece of chocolate.
You throw in the load of laundry to distract yourself.
You come back to your laptop and scroll through the ‘gram for a bit…and eat a little more dark chocolate.
You think “ohhhh, I’ll just deal with that legal stuff later….”

And know that’s totally okay. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed or stuck when you think about the law.

How can you pop that dark chocolate into your mouth AND keep yourself in legal action?

We have a quick way to support you with a free 20-Minute Legal Chat!

Legal Chats are one of the best and fastest ways we can serve you.

(Let’s face it, where else can you have a free legal conversation full of Legal Love™?!)

When you have a Legal Chat with my team, you can…

Get legal solutions more quickly.
Feel less afraid or overwhelmed by the law, and
Be LOVED up in every call by our team.

Speaking of Legal Chats…. We have been so happy with our new Legal Chat Specialists, Tamica Lloyd and Blue Russ who joined us back in June.

However, we’re sooooo sad to share that Tamica is leaving our team to pursue a new opportunity. (It was her choice, not ours, we promise!)

Tamica was recruited by her alma mater to work in University Advancement leading their Annual Fund efforts. She wanted us to share this with you:

“It has been such a pleasure serving all of you on Lisa’s behalf. It was a wonderful experience to be able to talk to you about your business and help you get legally covered. Even though I am leaving, you will be in great hands moving forward. Blue will be taking over the Legal Chats and I know you will love her as much as I do.”

Tamica is a bright light, and we’ll miss her dearly. Thank you, Tamica, for all of the Legal Love™ you’ve shared with all of us.



You’ll be happy to know that Blue Russ, our other amazing Legal Chat Specialist, will be opening MORE Legal Chat slots so that you can talk with her quickly.



If you’ve had a Legal Chat with Blue lately, then you’ll know why I completely trust Blue to support you as you share your legal worries and concerns. You can trust her as well.

Our whole team is here to support you to make “getting legal” a lot easier – and much less scary.

If you have legal questions, don’t put off getting the answers you need.

Book a Legal Chat with Blue right here.

We’re excited to help you get legally clear so you can move forward with your business.

Here’s to getting legally covered – with heartfelt support from our whole team!