Doors closing for “go bare now”! (Bonuses disappearing!)

by | Aug 7, 2022 | DIY Legal Templates

TODAY is the last day to create the documents, policies and boundaries – both practically AND energetically – to deeply honor and protect your hard work and your beautiful business.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind legal course to get all of your legal needs covered,
templates provided, questions answered and LOTS of Legal Love™.

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Doors close tonight! Don’t miss out on protecting yourself with:

  • 7 DIY Legal Templates – for your 1-on-1 clients, group courses, and website
  • 3 Legal Checklists – for business registration, LLCs/S-Corps and trademarking
  • 1 Power Hour with Lisa – to ask your legal questions (in private!)
  • 2 Live Group Legal Q&A Calls – to ask questions about the templates
  • 1 Energy Healing Session with Lisa – to remove stuck energy & blocks

All for $197/month for 10 months. You can’t beat it. Don’t wait.

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Support your business on the legal side AND energetic side – and watch yourself feel less scared and more protected as you launch forward in your business!

Here’s to getting legally covered!