Dragging your feet in biz? How legal docs can change that.

by | Jan 22, 2024 | DIY Legal Templates

I know it may sound funny, but getting legally covered can help you stop dragging your feet in your business.👞👞

That’s right.

Whether you’re struggling with attracting more clients, creating new courses or hiring your first team member, legal documents give you the SAFETY and SECURITY you’re craving to be able to move forward.

📣 Here are actual comments from clients who were stuck in their biz:

“I know I need to use legal documents but I don’t want to buy the wrong things so I’ve been dragging my feet.”

“I want clarity about my next steps. The legal portion is what is holding me back from taking new clients.”

“I’ve been spinning my wheels for months and I always come back to the fact that I need to talk to an attorney…but no one could tell me what type of attorney could help me.”

“I want to start getting out there, but I’m holding back because of the need to make sure I am protecting myself, my license and my family.”

And the biggie…

“Legal stuff kind of scares me.” 😱

Can you feel their stress, fear, worry and concern?

Perhaps you’ve held yourself back too… or you’re feeling stuck right now.

You’re not alone. So many of my clients felt that they couldn’t DO what they WANTED to do because of their mucky feelings about getting legally covered.

Luckily, each of those peeps booked a Legal Chat with my team and we helped them know what legal steps would help them feel free to do bolder, better work.

I pride myself on the fact that there’s no fear-mongering over here.

My team and I bring a holistic and loving approach to the law ❤️… because we know that a harsh CYA-stance doesn’t feel good to everyone (including me!)

📣 And about those clients who held themselves back, here’s what they said after getting the legal docs they needed:

“I feel so much calmer now and completely clear on what to do next.”

“I’ll just know that I’m legally protected, and that frees me to do what I do best without worry.”

“I feel like I’m finally safe to market my business the way I’ve wanted to. I feel ready to proceed with confidence and grounded in my root chakra.”

“Now I can get out there and work with clients knowing that my income is protected!”

“In an hour I went from confused and frustrated to feeling legally covered and doing a happy dance!”💃



I always want to help you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered in doing your work so you can stop dragging your feet and launch your new exciting ideas for 2024.

Remember, the law isn’t supposed to be scary… it’s supposed to be your ally and support you in all you do so you can feel SAFE and FREE to share your gifts with the world.😍

Want to get unstuck and feel free to do bolder, better work? Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat with my team and we’ll take care of you. Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat here