What is an S-Corp and when do you need it?

episode 13: what’s an s-corp and when do you need it?

Having a corporation can sound daunting as an entrepreneur, but corporations are a great option. Especially S-Corporations (also known as an S-Corp.) In this episode you’ll get a quick overview about what an S-Corp is and when the right time is to create an S-Corp.

S-Corps offer a lot of benefits – including the potential to save you a significant money over time. Listen in to find out the pros and cons of having an S-Corp.

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in this episode you’ll learn:

  • What’s an S-Corp exactly?
  • How an S-Corp can save money on taxes
  • Whether it’s true that S-Corps are more work than LLCs
  • The pros and cons of having an S-Corp
  • Why you should thank the IRS for creating S-Corps (I’m not kidding!)
  • When’s the right time to create an S-Corp
  • Why I align S-Corps with the third eye chakra


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