episode 23: Melissa Pharr on clients making chargebacks

Ever had a client issue a chargeback to stop payment on a credit card purchase? As a business owner, it’s not much fun when this happens. I’ve invited Melissa Pharr, Online Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, to share her own story about what happened when she experienced a chargeback in her business.

Listen to how Melissa was able to turn a challenging chargeback situation into a positive one that actually helped her grow her business. Yes, that’s right – GROW her business!

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more about Melissa:

Melissa Pharr is an online marketing strategist for female entrepreneurs looking to create a massive online following and global business that attracts consistent clients and makes an impact.

She’s supported hundreds of women to master their sales and launch process and develop a business that generate 6 figures and beyond. Melissa has been featured on numerous podcasts and in magazines including It Girl Radio, Entrepreneur On Fire, Divine Living Magazine, and more.

Melissa lives in New York City with her partner and can be found playing tennis or doing SNL style interpretive dance (usually at parties with friends once things have gone a little wrong) when she’s not serving and guiding women online entrepreneurs from all over the world with her products, programs, and coaching services.


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