episode 34: Erin Armstrong on accounting & tax deductions
for small business owners

I’m thrilled to interview Erin Armstrong, a Small Business Tax & Money Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a Professional Speaker.

In this episode Erin shares her mission of helping small business owners maximize the money in their pocket and know what tax deductions they can legally to save money so they can have more money to continue to invest in their business.      

listen to the podcast here:

in this episode Lisa & Erin discuss:

  • The benefit of making the right tax deductions
  • Transitioning to a higher tax bracket and options for investment
  • Realizing that what you do now will set you up for next year
  • Helpful tips around the new tax plan
  • What business owners should do with surplus money at the end of the year
  • Importance of making sure your accountant understands how you’re making money
  • Making money management less scary

more about Erin:

Erin Armstrong is a Small Business Tax & Money Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a Professional Speaker who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs understand their business financials through her services and online course called Tax Deduction Clinic. She especially “gets” lifestyle business owners and mompreneurs, and understand there’s a particularly great need for financial information to be presented to small business owners in a digestible, non-fearmongering, and conversational way. Since 2011, Erin has personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken to thousands more in major cities throughout the US. She loves helping business owners develop accounting practices that are clear, accurate, and structured to take advantage of the best tax deductions. And, helping entrepreneurs marry the logistical components to the emotional side of money.

Erin lives on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, with her husband of 10 years and young daughter. You’ll often find her outdoors. Check out her tips, stories, and inspiration on all things business and money related at erinarmstrong.com.


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