episode 38: Keri Nola on giving yourself permission
to receive abundance

So many heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers have such open and giving hearts, yet tend to get a little stuck when it comes to giving permission to receive. In this episode, I’ve invited Keri Nola, retired psychologist and spiritual healer, to help you learn how to recognize false illusions that may be blocking your ability to receive so you can shift to saying “Yes! I CAN heal, help and serve AND experience freedom and financial prosperity and abundance at the same time!”       

listen to the podcast here:

Lisa and Keri discuss:

  • How to share and integrate your whole truth in your business
  • The importance of showing up fully and completely
  • Recognizing false illusions that may block your ability to receive  
  • Shadow work and illuminating what’s blocked
  • Making empowered decisions vs. making fear-based decisions
  • How being clear with what we need money for creates expansion and liberation
  • How legal protections can help provide clear energetic boundaries
  • Running a business that honors legal documents as living essences
  • Using your intuition to make exceptions as needed around legal documents
  • The importance of working with a lawyer who feels right to you
  • How to benefit from Keri’s free Abundance Activation Challenge

more about Keri:

Keri Nola is a serial soulful Entrepreneur, expressing her work as a Best-Selling Author, retired Psychotherapist, Awakening Healer, Energetic Visionary, Oracle Card Creator and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. She’s also co-host of The Healer’s Code podcast. While building and maintaining an abundant clinical practice for over a decade, Keri’s work has since evolved to support Light Workers in awakening their gifts through mentorship, products, programs and retreats. She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart centered conversation that allows healers to activate their abundant healer archetype and bring their precious light to the planet at this special time of humanity’s evolution. She holds conscious space to gently, yet powerfully witness and support healers in bringing their soul’s work to life with more ease and less struggle – the new path to serving. Feeling most at home by the water, Keri lives in beautiful Southern California.

To learn more and join Keri’s community, visit her website at www.kerinola.com.


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