episode 39: 3 things all LLCs must do

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is one of the easiest corporate entities to set up for your business. However, there are several requirements you must follow to keep your status as an LLC. Many biz owners don’t know – or were never told about – these 3 key actions that all LLC owners must take to protect and honor your status as an LLC. Otherwise, you can jeopardize the very protection created for you by your LLC.

listen to the podcast here:

in this episode I share:

  • The 3 “Must-Do”s that all LLC owners need to know and do
  • How to make it obvious that you have an LLC
  • Where you need to show your LLC designation  
  • Why you need to inform people that you have an LLC
  • Why you need to open a business bank account for your LLC
  • How to pay yourself, your business expenses and personal expenses
  • Why you can’t commingle your funds
  • What you need to know about LLC renewal fees
  • Why I align LLCs with the third eye chakra



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