episode 45:  Sabina Hitchen on how to
overcome fear of PR & media

Sabina Hitchen combines her exuberant and gracious personality with her PR “know-how” to help you learn how to seek media exposure – and not be terrified of PR! 

Tune in to listen to how Sabina shares some mindset tips and what to do to get started when it comes to putting yourself out there with PR and how she makes appearing in the media comfortable and not scary.

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more about Sabina:

Sabina Hitchen is the founder of Press for Success: PR Prep School and also heads up her own website, SabinaKnows.com. It’s on these platforms that she teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to get publicity for their businesses effectively, efficiently, and confidently. Sabina also dedicates her time and content to teaching the courage and self-confidence needed to tackle public relations, entrepreneurship –and life – head on!

Sabina is a former high school teacher and curriculum designer turned New York City public relations agency owner. Fast forward to today, both of her careers have merged and she finds herself back in the classroom, this time online, with a student body filled with entrepreneurs, small business owners, experts, authors, and coaches.

Most recently, Sabina has returned to her favorite publicity platform, television, where she hosts TV segment featuring wow-worthy small business creations from entrepreneurs, innovators and makers around the country.

Follow Sabina all over social media via @SabinaKnows and tag along with her on InstaStory where she shares PR tips, courage boosting skills, and plenty of videos of her dogs George Michael and Burt Reynolds.

in this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get your mind right and put yourself out there for PR
  • Why you need traditional PR, social media, and outside validation
  • Mindset Shift Tip: Why asking “And then what?” can help overcome fear
  • The value of consistency and persistency and learning how to share you message
  • Why you need to dedicate time to do PR research
  • The importance of recognizing opportunities and dreaming big around the media
  • Why you need to set up your business legally when doing PR
  • How finding support can help you with PR


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